Camping In Scotland

When the sun is out, I truly believe there really is no better place to be than in Scotland. We have beautiful scenery surrounding us at every corner. Yes the weather is changeable but that means the scenery is constantly changing too. If you have never camped in Scotland, now’s the time to try. With a little planning for all weathers you can still have an amazing holiday and discover some of the most dramatic views Scotland has to offer.

Camping Scotland

It doesn’t even all have to be about the tent. Nowadays there are so many more options to choose from – pods, wigwams and cabins are available at loads of different campsites and vary in degrees of how glamp you want to be but if you are going to use a tent then make sure it’s a good one! You want to be warm and dry, be able to get a good night’s sleep so you can make the most of exploring during the day. Lots of supermarkets sell tents, beautifully patterned and easy to put up but there is a reason why they are so full of them pre-festival time. These types of tents are really just for one off use and for helping you find your tent in a sea of canvas. If you have ever been camping at a festival and see how many tents are left behind, then think why, although not really disposable, these tents are disposable and left because they are not worth keeping!

So, if you are taking this camping business seriously, then head to an expert to get your tent. Millets have a great selection and will be able to answer all your questions and needs. They also have a 10% off summer offer and a half price summer sale coming up! You need to think about your needs, how many people will be sharing your tent, how much “luggage” will you have, where will you keep it and will your tent just be for sleeping or taking shelter too?

When we camp, we still like a bit of luxury so absolutely love their octagon 8 tent.

It sleeps 8 but we use it for a family of four, as we like to have blow up beds for comfort. The best thing about this tent for us is you can stand up fully in it, no more crawling about on knees! It’s so spacious.

If you like blow up beds you can also get them at Millets they really are your one-stop shop for all camping essentials. As I mentioned before getting a good night’s sleep is key to having a good camping holiday, so once you are sorted for accommodation or tent you also need to make sure you have a good sleeping bag too. One that will keep you snug as a bug in a rug and strong enough to do the obligatory caterpillar dance in. Again Millets will be able to help you with sleeping bags for young and old alike.

Once you are sorted with all your equipment you just need to decide where to go. If you thought deciding on your tent was difficult this is where the real challenge begins. As I already said, Scotland has so much to choose from – wild, wilderness camping with unspoiled locations to die for – you really need to have everything for this or amazingly family friendly campsites that mean if you have forgotten anything, help is at hand.

So to help you on your way here are our top recommendations for location and campsites. What’s stopping you? Get out there and enjoy!


Our top five family fun campsites:


  1. Tibbie Shiels on the banks of Loch Mary. (Selkirkshire)
  2. Tantallon Caravan & Camping Park for views across the Forth, brilliant beaches and wigwams too. (North Berwick)
  3. Cambusdarruch campsite for watching the sunset in the sea on the most beautiful white sand beach. (Mallaig)
  4. Brighouse Bay Campsite with plenty of family friendly activities onsite. (Kirkudbright)
  5. Tummell Valley Holiday Park a perfect woodland retreat with beautiful rivers and forests to explore. (Perthshire Highlands)


Our top 5 wild camping destination musts:


  1. Skye
  2. Mull
  3. Knoydart
  4. Staffa
  5. Trossachs
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