Your Simple Guide to Home Cinema Systems

Guest post by Alex

In these financial hard times, more and more people are shunning the night on the town followed by a kebab and a hangover in favour of staying in, watching movies and playing games with friends. Home entertainment has never been so popular and so people are looking to maximise this with all the latest gizmos & gadgets. The ultimate home entertainment gizmo for me is a home cinema system. Think about it, there is nothing like watching a movie on the big screen with massive sound booming out. But a trip to the local multiplex for an average family costs around £40 and that’s before the overpriced snacks. A trip to Richer Sounds with around £200 can bring the cinema experience to your living room.

Now, not everyone likes the idea of wires trailing all over their living room, ruining the decor with speakers in every corner but times have changed. There are more stylish & easier alternatives such as speaker bars (a thin speaker which sits under the TV) or wireless systems.

There are really good bargains to be had and with the expert knowledge of the staff at Richer Sounds they would be able to advise even the most tech-averse people and point them in the right direction.

Now of course there are top of the range options. For around £500 the latest technology in 3D Blu-Ray & 9.1 3D surround sound becomes available. These systems offer the most immersive sound possible at home, with tall speakers which project sound both outwards and upwards to envelope the audience in sound. They also offer wireless rear speakers to keep cable clutter to a minimum. Coming with all the connectivity of mid range systems but having the benefit of wireless internet capability. This particular system comes equipped with the LG “Smart TV” software inbuilt, meaning you can use your TV to connect to the internet. Geek heaven. These systems are best suited to larger rooms, and if you own a very large house you could go for a projector.

But if you are on a bit of a budget and just wanted to give the TV volume a boost, a soundbar may be a good option. They are slim and unobtrusive and just sit underneath the TV. They are ideal for small to medium sized rooms and dramatically improve the poor sound quality which modern flatscreen TV’s suffer from. At around £50 they are ideal for a tight budget.

If you have a mid-range amount of cash to part with, good mid-range options are the “1 box” cinema systems. These are the more traditional “5.1? surround sound systems that give you the at home cinema sound which come in one box so you don’t have to pick all the separate bits. Simple. They also have added features such as Bluetooth connectivity for connecting phones/MP3 players for wireless music playback, Internet connections to take advantage of web applications like YouTube, Picasa & accuweather. This also enables you to play music from your PC/Laptop. These work best in medium to large rooms.

In simple terms, these systems make the most of all the electrical things in your living room. You can use it when watching normal TV, you can use it with game consoles and you can bin the dusty old CD player in the corner because it plays music too, all in fabulous surround sound. Then when it comes too movie time, the lights go down, the sound roars out but there’s still £40 in your purse/wallet & the popcorn cost £1 from Sainsbury’s. Score!

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