Christmas Giveaway: Santa’s Argos’d It!

Holidays are coming! So let’s kick things off with a nice giveaway shall we?

Argos are offering one lucky reader the chance to win this fantastic selection of toys ideal for a boy or girl. These toys have been specially selected by myself as ones that I’d love to have for Erin (in fact we have the Vtech Storio already!) One lucky winner chosen at random will scoop the lot!

So let’s take a look at the toys;

First up, the main prize is the Vtech Storio

This is a fantastic animated reading system with tons of additional features. Seriously one of the best toys we’ve tried this year (and we’ve tried lots!)

The next prize is Guess Who? Who doesn’t love Guess Who! a total classic that will keep the kids entertained on Christmas Day.

Also in Santa’s Argos sack is the Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shop. How much does my inner child want to be playing with that right now? A lot! This is the sort of toy that’ll keep them entertained for ours making pretend ice cream sundaes…the only downside being that you’re force fed play-doh to “just try”. Look at the little sundae glass and oh look it comes with sprinkles too. Love it 🙂

And finally just because I heart stationery and I’ll do anything to share this passion I’ve chosen the Chad Valley Stationery Trolley Bag. It’s a whole trolley bag full of stationery, what’s not to love?

So there we have it, I hope you like my gift selections.

Now who’s going to win this fantastic bundle?


1. For one entry Leave a comment telling me what your favourite childhood toy was. You can tell a lot about a person by the toys they played with 😉 (not sure if that’s true..)

2. For a bonus entry Retweet this competition on Twitter.

The winner will be chosen at random on Monday 22nd November at 9am so all entries to be in before then. In fact do it now and you won’t forget 🙂

Terms and Conditions

1. Winner must have a UK address where the prize can be sent.

2. Prizes will be sent by Argos direct to the winner within 28 days.

3. All prizes will be sent to one winner that will be randomly chosen by random number generator.

4. Littlemummy’s decision is final!

5. Eh….no cheating!

Okay, go for it!

The prizes have been supplied courtesy of Argos, who provide a wide range of toys, such as lego city and Nerf.

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106 Responses to Christmas Giveaway: Santa’s Argos’d It!

  1. Angela says:

    My favourite childhood toy was Sylvanian families. I had loads of them.

    Am tweeting now as well @timeformum

  2. Marianne says:

    My favourite toy was a glow in the dark Boglin, they were the grossest, weirdest, rubbery, yucky toys ever and really appealed to my tomboy side (Although my Boglin looked fetching in a pink scarf too)



  3. zoe allen says:

    I was obsessed with sylvanian family when i was younger i never did get the hotel though 🙁 …….now i have a gorgeous 2 year old daughter that i am hoping gets into it too so we can have the fullworks lol x

  4. Emma Walker says:

    For me, I loved playing with my popple toy (not sure if that is the correct name) but it was a blue toy that you could turn the bottom part of the toy into its pouch. My popple went everywhere with me and was my comforter when I was poorly.

  5. Laura Morris says:

    Mine was a big big bear, bigger than me and my grandad gave it me. It was so soft and I used to play tea parties and school with it all the time! (You can tell I was an only child!)

    (retweeted comp @2businessmum)

  6. Amanda Ryan says:

    I loved Spriograph, and would make those swirly patterns for hours on end. I’m going to buy my little girl one this year, so I can play with it when she’s in bed.
    Great Prize, Thank you.

  7. Heather says:

    Got to be, without a shadow of doubt, the Weebles (they wobble but they don’t fall down!). What you can tell from that is my age! I had the entire set – caravan, whole family including grandparents, house, airport and play park. And my mum put it in a jumble sale at her work when I was keeping it for my future children!!!!

  8. Melaina25 says:

    I loved Barbies, loved, loved, LOVED 🙂

  9. PippaD says:

    It was my Mr Frosty and my Sindy house. I loved them. I actually still have my Sindy house. All five floors of it!

  10. wendy says:

    Mine was Sindey and a doll’s house my grandad and me built together played for hours with it. In the end I gave it to the girl whose parents bought my grandparents house.

  11. Susan Mann says:

    My favourite childhood toy was my Sindy dolls and my Sindy doll house. I played with for hours. My mum bought me one recently.

  12. ClaireB says:

    My favourite toy was a fisher price telephone, you know the one with the eyes that jiggled up and down on a long cord. loved it and probably the reason i now seem to spend most of my time on the phone for my job! Saw a very similar one for sale in a toy shop recently and although my son who is nearly 5 is a little old for it, he’s getting one for Christmas (whether he likes it or not!)

  13. mel butcher says:

    My favourite childhood toy was my etch a sketch, I can’t draw to save my life but this made me feel like I could lol

  14. Downfall was my favourite toy. Actually that’s a game. Does that count? If it has to be a toy then it would have to be something I nicked from my brother.


    My Barbie and Sindy dolls and dolls house. I loved dressing them up and colouring/ cutting their hair! I was over the moon when I had a baby girl because I thought I will be able to play dolls with her when she gets older. What happened – she’s a tom-boy! Mind you her little brother and sister now play barbie dolls with me.

  16. Tracy Hanley says:

    Well for me it has to be lego , me and my brothers would play for hours and hours building all sorts of things from houses to towers and more, we never got bored with it as there was always something else we could build, my brothers pasted the lego to my son and he still has most of it and more now and hes 21 🙂

  17. phyllis ellett says:

    Must have been Tiny tears I was 8 (bit old?) when it came out, but loved it to well tears lol

  18. Kate Pollard says:

    My favourite childhood toys were my ‘My Little Ponies’. My sister and I played with them all the time… we even had seahorse ponies that went in the batch on special little suction seashells!!! My favourite was Lickety Split (the ice-cream pony) and hers was Cherries jubilee (which was a nommy pancake at little chef at the time too!). We also had the My Little Pony record AND the My Little Pony film (which I remember crying to!!!). We still have all of them in mum and dads loft… and I’m now 30 (she is 32!!!)

    Tweeted as @yummymumto2

  19. phyllis ellett says:

    Tweeted this superb giveaway (@phyllgerry)

  20. Mandy Allen says:

    Lego along with whatever animals / little figures me and my brother could find to go with it…
    most of my old bricks are in the kids lego box now..

  21. Mandy Allen says:

    retweeted @manda39

  22. cheryl hadfield says:

    My favourite toy was My cabbage patch doll with its own little certificate, i also had a pound puppy..them were the days! have tweeted thanks so much for a fab giveaway xxx (@cheryl7003)

  23. Katie Mackenzie says:

    My fav game was operation my grandad gave it to me for my Xmas,but being a only child it was a sad time playing it on my own,should of been a nurse 😉 tweeted from katiemack12

  24. Martine says:

    A toy cooker that came with three saucepans and lids and the oven opened and I pretended to cook on it.

  25. Judith Parslow says:

    i played with my brothers cars and meccano..i hated dolls

  26. Honiebuk says:

    My favourite toys were all my ‘friends’ Sindy and Barbie dolls – my sisters didn’t have any and for some reason, neither did I (sob!). I was thrilled to bits when I got a doll that used to have a removeable tennis racket and it’s arm would swing to hit a tennis ball – it’s name was ‘Dusty’. she gained celeb’ status in my friends Sindy/Barbie play sessions. My favourite board game was ‘Alley Cats’.
    Incidentally, my 11 yr old had lots of Barbie/My Scene/Brats dolls, lol.

  27. Honiebuk says:

    Re-tweeted for you :o)

  28. Natalie says:

    Ah, so many childhood memories are flooding back! What a great post – and a great giveaway too!

    For me, I think my favourite childhood toy must have been Buckaroo. I recall spending hours and hours with that game!

    Hmmm… perhaps I need to go buy one of these for my 4yr old this Christmas ;o)

  29. Natalie says:

    Tweeted too!


  30. mazz says:

    Mine has got to be the game, jacks! Not sure if anyone remembers it, the game with the bouncy ball and as many or few jacks you could catch. Was a very cheap and cheerful game and a good eye to hand co-ordination one at that. I would get the usual pressies for birthdays but if these were not amongst it, I was not a happy bunny. As I was the queen of jacks playing it at school or at home.
    Hope you remember the game, you had to bounce the ball then pick up 1 jack, then 2, 3 and so on, and the person who could catch the most, won. Then taking it to another level, going up in 2’s! Love it so much.
    @Mazzz39 on twitter.x

  31. Danielle Baker says:

    Ooooh I LOVE this competition!
    My favourite toy as a child was……..My bluebird little yellow Teapot! I had so much fun playing with it.
    My Gran kept it for years afterwards and put plants in it in her garden lol!
    I will also RT on Twitter @dizzydanni84
    Good luck everyone xxxxx

  32. Sue Harrison says:

    Sindy and her wardrobe..I loved making clothes for her 🙂
    Tweeted too @daisyduck123

  33. EmmaAtBaghappy says:

    My Sindy Doll’s House. I’d wanted one for ages and ages, and was so thrilled that one christmas there it was all ready when I woke up.

  34. Trudi Walsh says:

    I used to collect My Little Ponys, I had the stable and accessories.

  35. My favourite was my tiny tears doll – I thought she was a real baby

  36. Lovemybaby says:

    My all time childhood toy has to have been my love of bikes. I loved the freedom it gave me to whizz round the living room as a 4 year old on my trike. Then moving on to my first two weeler assisted by stabalisrs allowing me to explore the garden. Then my most important bike of all my Raleigh two tone pink/purple mountain bike. I spent many happy hours each day after school and at weekends visiting friends and building my confidance to be out on my own. I hope to give these oportunitys to my children with their bikes.

  37. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    my fave was glo bugs or glo friends you held them up to the light for a few mins then they glowed in the dark for ages ….secret, i still have a few in my room and im 32! lol

    tweeted comp @twinklenicci

  38. pixie says:

    My favourite toy was simple. Give me some paper and pencil crayons and I was happy as Larry. :o)

    Retweeted also :o)

  39. My son would adore these! My favourite toys were my Rainbow Brite and her horse, Starlite. I used to play for hours, making up stories about their adventures with the Colour Kids! I wish I knew what happened to them.

  40. This was my favorite toy for years – my mum made her and she got thrown away when I was a teenager, because the dog weed on her – the doll not my mum – she’s still going strong I’m pleased to say 🙂

    Atrocious Dolly

    Huge, yellow, triangular,
    soft, cuddly, nice,
    Whichever way you look she’s no Baby Spice.

    Blue woolly tangled hair,
    sewn-on jagged teeth,
    Cylindrical footless legs, dangle underneath.

    Her arms – surprise, surprise!
    don’t quite match her hair;
    the best that can be said is that at least she has a pair.

    She isn’t smart like Barbie
    she isn’t cute like Polly
    But she is the only her in the world
    my own Atrocious Dolly.

    by Michele Brenton

    PS One Retweet/Twitter coming up 🙂

  41. My fave toy as a child was the big yellow teapot. It opened up into a house and the lid pulled up as a slide. I love it lol

  42. Vanessa Earle says:

    I used to love pushing a little wooden pram around with a cuddly bunny rabbit tucked up in it. Why? No idea, but I remember doing it for hours and hours!

  43. Lisa Pearson says:

    I looooved my a la carte kitchen! you could not get me to stop playing with it when i was little… now you can’t get me near the kitchen lol


  44. sarah broadhurst says:

    i loved my sindy doll – and spent my holidays at nanny’s with her old fashioned singer sewing machine making new clothes for her suitcase!

  45. sarah broadhurst says:

    i have tweeted re competition @sbroadhurst

  46. Emily Hutchinson says:

    I love Lego, also my toy post office got a lot of use. I always wanted Guess Who!

  47. Cara says:

    My favourite toy was a little carry desk with chalks & magnets. I used to take it everywhere with me.

  48. Jane Willis says:

    My favourite toy was Meccano. I wasn’t much into girly toys, come to think of it – I loved my train set too!

    I’ve tweeted @compergrapevine

  49. Liz Burton says:

    My favourite was my big orange smiley space hopper. Wish I still had one!

    RT’d too @missielizzieb

  50. Stephe says:

    Hi!My fave fave toy when I was younger was the original polly pockets! I must have had everything that came out for it. The best bit is that its all carefully packaged in my dads loft so when my little girl gets old enough I can bring it all out for her and relive my childhood again 🙂
    Its totally different to the ones that are out now.

  51. Catherine Lowton says:

    My favourite was a Rainbow Brite doll but for some obscure reason I also had a Sarah Ferguson doll in a wedding dress?!!

  52. emma cella says:

    My favourite childhood toy was my Sindy dolls

  53. maria says:

    Mine was a baby doll and pram i had when i was about 5years old i remember my mum used to go to the charity shops and buy baby clothes for me i used to take it everywhere with me, im surprised i can remember because it was a very long time ago 🙂 my mum told me that while out at the park my mum was holding the doll and another lady asked her how old the baby was lol my lovely dolly looked so real. It’s funny the things you remember.

  54. Rhoda Kellar says:

    My favourite toy was micromachines, I was such a tom boy!!

    RT’d as @justforcomps

  55. Carolyn says:

    I love the fact we were all children ofthe 70’s and 80’s – looking at some of the toys on here!
    I played with my poseable Wuzzles, Barbies, Sindys but most of all, my sister and I loved our She-Ra dolls! We had LOADS of them including the horses!

  56. Carla says:

    A huge orange hopper that had a face, i used to bounce it everywhere but had the most fun bouncing it in and out of the paddling pool.

  57. julie thomas says:

    Daughters favourite toy was Big Yellow Teapot and yes I loved playing with it too. Ours was passed down my four children then onto another two households and played until it fell apart. Lovely, I have fond memories of playing with this.

  58. Jenny Kirkham says:

    Barbies all the way. Although I loved Lady Lovely Locks and always slept with a Glo Worm by bed.

  59. Rachel skinner says:

    I loved my speak and spell. I was devasted when it got destroyed in a house fire. The little red box with a handle was my best friend. I loved the hangman games.

  60. For me it had to be legoo all the way and my Fisher Price record player. My daughter’s asked for everything Lego this year including hogworts castle. I’m guessing i’m more excited than she is about Xmas day. Yay!

  61. Cristina says:

    It wasn’t a toy so much as colouring – if I had a book and a set of felt pens I was as happy as larry!

  62. Hannah says:

    My favourite toy was Lego (and still is…) – I liked the girly one – the lego paradisa. My partner loved the Technik range. To the point where, I was in the shop the other day, and actually bought him some for Christmas. He’s a bigger kid than I am (which is saying something)!
    I also loved the Snowman thing that would make ice lollies and slushies. But I was never allowed one 🙁 *wail*
    Hannah x
    I have retweeted this too (@metalmummy84) x

  63. TheMadHouse says:

    I loved my fisher price record player, with those fab plastic coloured records

  64. Maria Mesias says:

    My favourite toy growing up was Pepa my doll who had stringy straw hair and i would make clothes for her. Played with her so much i pulled her arm off which my mum had to sew back on!!

  65. Jan says:

    I loved Patch (Sindy’s younger sister). Being a tomboy myself, she was less girlie and therefore more acceptible!

    (also retweeted competition – @jaydee_97)

  66. My favourite toy tended to change on a yearly basis but I did always like ‘My Little Pony’ – had the duvet cover, toys and videos. My son now enjoys watching the videos too as they’re very relaxing. (He’s 4).

  67. octarinefire says:

    My favourite toy was my brother’s lego. My mum still has it up in the loft and I’ve been trying to ‘borrow’ it but she won’t let me 🙁

    Also RT’d on twitter @octarinefire

    What a fab prize, good luck everyone xx

  68. Laura says:

    Mine was the Big Red Fun Bus absolutely LOVED it:)

  69. Emma Button says:

    My favourite toy was Tiny Tears for many many years.

  70. Carole H says:

    I utterly and totally adored my Puppy In My Pocket collection as a kid. I had the hotel and showcase and everything! Was massively upset when I saw they had re-invented them recently and made them all cartoony and, I think, a bit scary looking!!

    (RT’d on Twitter. @caroleheidi)

  71. I loved keepers – do you remember them – you opened up the back with a ‘magic’ key! Mine was a penguin x

  72. Jo says:

    No massive amount of toys my fols were Jehovahs witnesses and tight so not many things, but I had a Dasky dashund a remote control dog that walked barked and did somersaults. I would walk up and down our street all day with him, in the end his poor feet were threadbare.

    What a lovely comp just in time for Christmas. Thank you x

  73. Karen says:

    My favourite was the Mousetrap game, I had wanted it for so long and still remember how excited I was when I was given it for Christmas 🙂

  74. Kelly says:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway!

    I loved my pull along playskool telephone with wheels and up and down eyes! So simple but kept me entertained for hours!


  75. jane orford says:

    used to love my post office set with the John Bull printer,was really fiddly trying to print a message,and you ended up covered in ink..

  76. Roz says:

    I loved my speak and spell. Sad I know!!

  77. Jackie ONeill says:

    space hopper. Many battles with my sister over it!

  78. Victoria Davis says:

    My favourite toy was Barbie, I used to spend hours playing with them and other toys with it. I now am just waiting for my daughter to love them too so I can play with them again.

  79. Erica says:

    My dolls generally – only got a Sindy quite late on and never had a Barbie – these were just general dolls acquired along the way. I played schools and all sorts of other games with them.

  80. Callie says:

    I had an american girl doll.
    Also, my dad made me a dollhouse.
    I loved them both. Guess i was really girly.

  81. Kerry says:

    Mine had to be my little pony I was obsessed and had the boy pony with a tooth as well. He used to go everywhere with me!

  82. Lego, especially when it was my brothers!

  83. Bumbling says:

    Favourite toy? Hmmm. I did love my cabbage patch kid. A lot. I still have her adoption certificate, but these days she lives with my mum in case Moo comes to play…

    RT’d as @bumblingtweets

  84. Kerry Goding says:

    Oh i loved my space hopper and what was that thing call that was a ball with a ring around that you balanced and bounced on, Shaped abit like th planet uranus??!!

    Also loved my big pram and first born doll.

  85. catherine (mummylion) says:

    i loved my toy dog, i’ve still got it now, tucked up on a bag on my headboard. my nose was always in a book though, either that ar drawing something.

  86. Ashleigh says:

    i loved barbies and dolls. Will retweet too @ashlallan

  87. LauraCYMFT says:

    I loved my Barbies. They had everything, clothes, a kitchen, a pink limo and a McDonalds drive thru! Fab comp! I’ll tweet too @lauracymft

  88. Becky says:

    I loved my tinytears with all my heart. Last Christmas mum sent her to the dolly hospital so she could be all mended for my daughter she even got her eyebrouw back. I confess I cried. Lisis isn’t too interested dumps her in the bath naked. I give her a little cuddle every so ofeten and assure her she is still loved.

  89. Becky says:

    and I’ve retweeted @babybudgeting

  90. Anna Aird says:

    I really loved Sylvanian families, hours of fun. I still get really tempted when I see them in toy shops and want to buy the whole range!
    Thanks for running the comp. I will retweet @annieanna24

  91. I loved my Girls World when I was a kids, ohh and Sindy dolls too. About to tweet you now. Cheers Mich x

  92. My favourite toy was my Girl’s World…she was regularly smeared with multi-coloured make-up!
    Tweeted @wendymcd83

  93. anna says:

    my favourite was colouring books, felt tips, art and craft things, a simple toy but used to spend hours with those, also loved popples 😀

  94. anna says:

    and retweeted @ummziyad

  95. Louise Strachan says:

    My favourite game was Mr Freeze but sadly not mine. Had to play with my friends as I asked Santa for it for 3 years and he never bought it for me 🙁

  96. Louise Strachan says:

    Retweeted as @Bobbity666

  97. Eden Moseley says:

    My favourite childhood toy was the original gameboy i loved it!!!

  98. Eden Moseley says:

    Retweeted as @swim666

  99. Kathrine Krogulec says:

    My favourite toy was my brothers train set, though not the trains but the tiny people and buildings. I was engrossed for hours making up different scenarios for them.

  100. Becky says:

    Playmobil and Lego is what I spent my 70s/80s childhood playing with most. Will be tweeting too…

  101. Jenny paulin says:

    I know I liked my Weebles treehouse and play dough barber shop set. However, the latter i was only ever allowed to play with with mum supervising and for some reason she was always busy! Also enjoyed playing scrabble and cluedo 🙂

  102. Ursula says:

    I loved my tricycle which was a lot bigger than the current trikes around today. It had a storage container on the back where I could store all my little treasures.

  103. Robyn Clarke says:

    I was into jigsaw puzzles and definately Lego

  104. Robyn Clarke says:


  105. kerryann says:

    Story Teller was my favourite sat for hours reading the books and listening to the tapes alonside it ..excellent fun don’t make them like that now 🙁 x

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