Guest Post Day

Listen up, 5th March 2010 shall be Guest Post Day.

Guest posting is a great way for you to put your writing in front of a new audience and gain new readers, it’s a tried and tested technique in increasing a blog’s audience – and it’s fun too!

Here’s how it will work;

1. Submit yourself by leaving a comment on this post with your blog name before midday on Monday.

Update: Please use keyword ‘aqua’ in comment so that I can find any entries that go to spam. Ta

2. Return here tuesday and watch the ‘televised draw’ and see who you’ve been matched with.

3. Contact that blogger and arrange for a way to swap posts by email and by what time etc…

4. Write your BEST POST (let’s face it, your dross isn’t gonna gain you any new readers so put your best out there people) and give it to your blog swap partner.

5. Everyone post the guest posts on Friday 5th March.

Easy, yah?

Post suggestions – funny story, recipe, craft activity, ‘how to’

Okay, submit yourself below in the comments (don’t forget to include your blog name! you can leave your twitter @ too if you wish) and then spread the word…. the more the merrier!!

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105 Responses to Guest Post Day

  1. Prendsletemps says:

    @prendsletemps (on twitter)

    L.O.V.E this idea – great sharing/exchange spirit – let’s rock it!

  2. Emily O says:

    Love this idea! I’m and @babyrambles

  3. Anna @Evie George says:

    I’d like to be in as well…. not sure what the hell I’ll write about but there must be something rattling around in the back of my mind somewhere….

  4. Alice says:

    Yes please, what a great idea! Aqua.

  5. Little Mummy says:

    I’ll be first then 🙂
    @Erica (on twitter)

  6. English Mum says:

    OOh me! I will guest post a recipe for someone!:

  7. Oh heck! I’d probably to rubbish at writing a guest post. Never done one before. I’ll give it a go. *starts to hyperventilate*

  8. I forgot to leave my twitter name doh! @VeryBoredHouse I have put a link on my blog for you as well. x

  9. bubbleboo @ The Thought Bubble says:

    What a fantastic idea! I’m definitely in! I blog at Twitter ID is @bubbleboo ‘aqua’

  10. Iain Gilmour says:

    Please can I be an honourary mum for this one? aqua

  11. Iain Gilmour says:

    If so blog is and Twitter name is @iaingilmour

  12. Magic Mummy says:

    ooooh that’s a really good idea…

    count me in –

  13. YoungMummy says:

    I’m game for a laugh! Aqua.

  14. Luschka says:

    hmmm… can you give the guest blogger a topic to write on or some guidance on appealing to your audience? If so, count me in … and aqua…

  15. barb says:

    I’ve never guest posted either. Have a food blog about snacks & diabetes, healthier eating options.

  16. Mediocre_mum says:

    Can’t believe I’m going to do this….I feel a bit sorry for whoever gets stuck with me. Aqua

  17. How did I end up right the way down here?
    I’m so in.
    Just as long as I don’t get stuck with that Rosie. She’s rubbish
    Oh and aqua

  18. Heather says:

    Aqua! I’m in.

    This is such a great idea Erica, thank you.

  19. Forgot to leave my Twitter name — @ificouldescape


  20. Aqua. I’m not sure why I’m even doing this, let alone what in gods name to write about :S But I’m in anyway !

  21. Kerry says:

    Well I have never guest posted either but I am in. Aqua

    Blog is

    Twitter is @KerrysAvon

    What a great idea xx

  22. Lisa Ansell says:

    Great idea. @slummymummy1 If anyone wants me!

  23. New Mummy says:

    I’m in! (Aqua)

    @caroljs on twitter

  24. Oi, Tara! I saw that! I am not bribing Erica so I can guest post on your blog. That would make my year!! *rubs hands together in menacing fashion*

  25. Fely says:

    I’d probably be rubbish at this but i’d give it a good go. Aqua. Count me in.

  26. Bumbling says:

    I’d love to be in please! Aqua 😉 and @BumblingTweets

  27. Ok I must be mad but count me in – never done this before and don’t have a clue but I’m up for the challenge! Aqua

    twiter @supersinglemum

  28. Nickie says:

    Brilliant idea – thanks for inviting me to be included 🙂



  29. Susie says:


    I am in if anyone will have me. 🙂
    twitter @newdaynewlesson

  30. Little Mummy says:

    Luschka – Ultimtately it’s up to you and your partner to negotiate the terms of the guest posting, and obviously you don’t have to post anything you don’t think is appropriate, it’s your blog after all.

  31. cartside says:

    Why not. I’ll probably get a block when having to write a “good” post for someone else’s blog, but never one not to try something new! So I’m in. twitter: @cartside aqua

  32. Great idea, Aqua, am so excited to meet new bloggers!

  33. Eeek, somehow I can’t even get my comment right, keeps disappearing! Looking forward to it, thanks, Aqua

  34. Jo Middleton says:

    Aqua! Hoorah! Count me in for a guest post.
    SSM x


    Twitter: mummyblogger

  35. I will pay you a week’s worth of compliments if you DON’T let Rosie within breathing distance of my blog.

  36. Nickie says:

    Maybe if she let IJ write the post for her you’d relent, Tara?

  37. MrsW says:

    Oops forgot aqua (sounds like a “safe” word hahaha!)

  38. T-J Hughes says:

    What a fab AQUA idea, especially for newbies who’re looking for advice, comments and followers! Count me in! Thanks

  39. Sam says:

    I didn’t read the bit about adding aqua so I thought everyone had some secret society with a codeword or that AQUA stood for something,like rofl, such as A Quite Unusual Answer?

    Anyway, I *love* aqua and would love to have a go, although I think the only people I ‘know’ are Karin and Sandy :/

    Sam ( @samthewlis )

  40. Antonia says:

    I’m ‘aqua’ up for it
    @antoniachitty on twitter

  41. Anna @Evie George says:

    I subscribed to all of these comments by accident and was wondering what all the aqua was about! So now I am updating to make sure my comment gets counted.

  42. Lady Who Lunches says:

    Hello! I came to you from Notes from Lapland, and this aqua project sounds fabulous. I’m on twitter @theladylunches so count me in! Woopwoop.

  43. Vic says:

    I’m back to say aqua!

  44. I would LOVE to Guest Blog for someone…I prefer someone who likes the colour AQUA! (Do I get extra credit for most creative use of the word AQUA?)
    Twitter = @cafebebe

    Thanks Erica..another genius idea! 🙂 Karin

  45. Little Mummy says:

    Karin – Good effort 🙂

    Tara – Your bad behaviour towards me this year means that your partner will almost certainly be Rosie Scribble, have fun 🙂

  46. and me too please , I promise to be on my best behaviour and not be too blue or AQUA!


  47. Vegemitevix says:

    Hi ya! I’d like to be involved with the aqua project please.


  48. Jane Fox says:

    Aqua is a great idea. thought of blogging not sure where to start this would be great

  49. Hello! Ooh I love this!

    Yep I’m in…

    Aqua x

  50. What a great idea! Count me in I’m @PippaD at Twitter and I’m at A Mothers Ramblings ( and right now I am off to listen to Aqua whilst having a glass of Aqua…

  51. hi, i’d love to do it…
    aqua! babieswhobrunch.

  52. beebeef says:

    We at LaptopMums would love to be involved!

    Aqua, aqua, aqua 🙂


  53. Becky says:

    Yes please that would be an Aqua good idea! beckyl_j

  54. Ooo, count me in!

    Can’t wait to find out who I’m paired with, then I’ll just have to hope inspiration hits my right in my Barbie girl noggin (sorry – a really, really bad Aqua reference just for the sheer heck of it!)

    My Twitter name is @MyBabyAdventure…

  55. becky says:

    Aqua – I would love to be involved

  56. Manda - Flying Start Mag says:

    Yey please

    @flyingstartmag (Twitter)



  57. Erin says:

    Aqua! I think I’ll give it a go. . . =)

    twitter: @silentbeauty

  58. Marianne says:

    New kid on the block here, I’d love to take part. Aqua all the way for me.
    I found you on Notes from Lapland too
    Mari 🙂

  59. Claire says:

    I’m up for project “aqua!”

    Love this idea, what a great way to find new blogs to read x

  60. Dara says:

    Sounds like fun. Have you heard of NASA’s Aqua website, was just on there today. I’m nerdy enough that that’s fun too!
    Count me in

  61. diney says:

    Aqua redibly great idea and count me in!
    Looking forward to it! Diney

  62. Susie Q says:

    The Aqua project sounds like all kinds of fun!

    Out of the Ordinary –


    Can’t wait! 🙂


  63. sharon says:

    Count me in for the ‘aqua’ antics.

    Great idea.

    Sharon 🙂

  64. mummylimited says:

    Ooh this sounds a bit scary but too tempting not to give it a go. I’m in and loving Aqua.

  65. Aqua just happens to be one of my favourite colours. Lovely idea, look forward to seeing who posts at a&u!

  66. Linda says:

    aqua aqua oh aqua aqua
    I said oops upside your aqua,
    me please
    aqua aqua, everyone do the aqua

  67. Madmother says:

    I’m in. Aqua me up! Came from Heather’s blog.

    Mine is:

  68. Sarah says:

    aqua. This is such a cool idea! Thanks so much!

  69. Mariiiiaaa! Aqua Maria! You remember Stingray right? Otherwise my singing is redundant.

    Count me in.


  70. Chic Mama says:

    Just wanted to say it’s a great idea…please let me know if you do another one. I have a big week ahead so would be stupid to add even more pressure on myself… brain is like mush at the moment. I look forward to reading everyone else’s entries.

  71. Craig McGill says:

    Love it! Count me in for this.

  72. Earthgrlie says:

    I”m going to give it my best shot!
    * aqua*

  73. Laura says:

    Was it the band Aqua that sang your favourite song Erica? I’m a Barbie Girl In a Barbie World

  74. Laura says:

    Oh and count me in Aqua lover.

  75. Nene says:

    Am not exactly a mummy blogger, but often blog about children issues. My children are 21 and 8. Idea of guestblogging is super.


  76. ella says:

    Count me in too, please!


  77. Hello sweetie can I have a go?

  78. I forgot to leave my bits! is, @dulwichdivorcee

  79. Lindsey says:

    Not exactly a mommy blogger, not exactly a business blogger, not exactly an aqua blogger, but I may be a cross between the three. Found this via Heather from Notes from Lapland and would love to participate.

  80. Little Mummy says:

    Hi Maggy, you’ve just missed it this time but I’m sure there’ll be ‘a next time’ sorry about that 🙁

  81. Susie says:

    Have you done the draw yet?

  82. English Mum says:


  83. Susie says:

    LMAO @ English MUM!

    But yeah-we should get working on our fab posts for each other!

  84. For the love of god woman COME ON! I need to go pick my kids up . . . .

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  90. Sleep is for the Weak and I posted today (anything to be different…). Thanks for the opportunity, it was great fun to get to know Josie better, and a real treat to have her posting at a&u.

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