Ten Favourite Baby Snacks

Dried Apricots


Erin loves these as they are sweet and chewy, I need to keep an eye on her though as she trys to stuff them right into her mouth.

Scotch Pancake

Again with a thin spread of butter this make a great mid morning snack.

Toast Fingers

We usually have granary bed and top with butter or jam.

Organix Crunchy Stix

These are great for on the move, and seem to be the favourable option of ‘crisp’ type snack.

Cucumber Sticks

I like these as alternative teether toys, cooled they provide relief and the right amount of give, and if a bit drops off….a healthy snack!

Dried Pineapple Ring

I bought these at a farm shop but they are available at wholefood stores too. As Erin chews the pinepple rehydrates and becomes a naturally sweet chewy snack.

Chunk of Apple


Simply peeled and rinsed, a chunk of apple is healthy and keeps her busy for a while.


Erin likes ginger flavour ones, these are a rare treat due to the sugar content, needless to say they are well received 🙂

Melba Toast

This was a Granny one, melba toast with a thin spread of butter, apparently she loved it.

Cow & Gate Cheese Biscuits

On their own or with a cheese dip. Yum!

Photos by flickr users R@punseLL and bee-side(s)

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One Response to Ten Favourite Baby Snacks

  1. Kate says:

    My 1 year-old will also crawl a mile for a dry rusk. It’s amazing to me how easy she is to please.

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