100 Things

…to do before I die

1. Take Erin to France on the train

2. See the White House

3. Go on an Alaskan cruise

4. Do Canadian Rockies by train

5. Go quadbiking (May 2011)

6. Write a book and get published (April 2012)

7. Visit Memphis and Graceland with mum

8. Take Alex to New York for 30th

9. Own and run a business (Sept 2010)

10. Sell a business (Feb 2012)

11. Pay off a mortgage

12. Be on the radio (July, 2010)

13. Feature in a magazine (Sept 2010)

14. Stay in an eco treetop resort

15. Go on an African safari (and camp!)

16. Eat in a 1 michelin starred restaurant
(April 2012)

17. Eat in a 2 michelin starred restaurant

18. Eat in a 3 michelin starred restaurant

19. Go to New Orleans with Erin and Alex

20. Attend a food festival (Oct 2010)

21. London: The London Eye and The Tate Modern

22. Travel across America (at least six weeks)

23. Go on a cooking course with Alex

24. Go on a ski-ing holiday

25. Try snowmobiling (Dec 2010)

26. Ride a horse

27. Fly anywhere first class

28. Go on an around the world cruise or trip

29. See Erin get married

30. Become an Aunty

31. Become a Granny

32. Be pregnant (June, 2005)

33. Give someone something they really need

34. Fire a gun (1996)

35. Throw away all of my clothes and start again

36. Eat five pieces of fruit or veg a day for a month

37. Buy a house (2000)

38. Celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary

39. Celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary

40. Celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary

41. Pass out of an Army basic training (and get an award for something) (2001)

42. Take Erin and Alex to Jamaica and climb Dunn’s Falls

43. Give £1000 to a charity close to my heart

44. Swim with dolphins (June, 2010)

45. Join a brass band (as an adult this time!)

46. Win a work based award (Business Start Up 2010 – Business Mum Awards 8th March 2011)

47. Go on a holiday or trip that has been completely organised by Erin

48. Go on a road trip around Scotland, the Highlands and Islands

49. Visit 25 countries in my lifetime (18/25) + 10 US States (9/10)
British Virgin Islands
Czech Republic
Greece (Santorini, Crete)
St Maarten
United Kingdom
US Virgin Islands

American States

New Orleans
New York

50. See the Grand Canyon

51. Go white water rafting

52. Go abseiling (1996)

53. Play in a poker game that is two days or longer

54. Take Erin to London (and see a show on the west end)

55. Become a mum (4th Feb 2006)

56. Celebrate Erin’s 18th

57. Celebrate Erin’s 21st

58. Attend a conference for entrepreneurs

59. Stay in a villa in Florida for an entire summer

60. Don’t spend any money for one month (fixed bills, food and fuel only)

61. Get Married (20th Aug 2004)

62. Read 52 books in 52 weeks (and review them!)

63. Visit Machu Picchu

64. See Christ the Redeemer in Brazil

65. See Mt. Rushmore

66. See the Great Wall of China

67. See Stone Henge

68. Ride a moped or motorbike

69. Travel around New Zealand (at least 4 weeks)

70. Go on a spiritual retreat (Suzy Greaves Retreat 2011)

71. Take a road trip to Devon and Cornwall

72. Attend a cocktail making class

73. Do an art/craft course of any kind

74. Have my photos taken professionally (June 2010)

75. See a World/European/Olympic gymnastics competition live

76. See Cirque du Soleil

77. See Elton John live in concert

78. Go in a helicopter

79. Dedicate a month to work for charity

80. Spend one Christmas Day helping others

81. Go in a hot air balloon

82. Take snowboarding lessons abroad

83. Learn to dance (with Alex!)

84. Be a speaker at a conference or event (June 2011)

85. Reach my 5yr blogging anniversary (June 2011)

86. Reach my 10yr blogging anniversary

87. Go back to Santorini with Alex

88. Learn to code

89. Do something special for every close family member

90. Cook something new every night for one month

91. Play in the BLPT (Ladies Poker Tour)

92. Spend a Christmas abroad

93. Celebrate a diamond wedding anniversary

94. Go to the airport and take the first international flight on holiday

95. Take Erin camping

96. Own a brand new car

97. Take a language course then visit that country

98. Walk 3.3 miles every day for 30 days consecutively

99. Spend a month working for a charity

100. Help Alex complete his list

50 Responses to 100 Things

  1. English Grandma says:

    Good heavens, Erica…WHAT a comprehensive list! Trust they will all happen for you in due course….

  2. Little Mummy says:

    I know! I must hurry up and get on with it all 🙂

  3. Antonia says:

    I think we can work on quite a few of those with ACE inspire!

  4. See Elton John?? Have you never ridden a horse? Fascinating list. I’ve done a few of those things which is nice, but I am ten years older than you, which is not so nice! I don’t like the idea of a helicopter ride though.

  5. Little Mummy says:

    Antonia – Yes, I think there’s about half a dozen in there 😉

  6. Little Mummy says:

    Rosie – Ooh yes, love a bit of Elton 🙂 Never a ridden a horse, it’s a shocker, especially as I live in the country now.

  7. Ben says:

    Love your list!!! I gotta get one up on my blog soon too.

  8. Liz (LivingwithKids) says:

    Aw this is a great list! I’ve done a few but so much more to do, I hope I have lots of time left to do it!

    PS you have had your photos taken professionally!


  9. Little Mummy says:

    Yes I have! Off to cross that off now..

  10. Ooooh, I love lists: some lovely ones on there. Wonder if I could come up with even 50 – I love the idea of a spiritual retreat. You would probably need that just after doing a new dish every day for a month *the stress* 😉

  11. Little Mummy says:

    Haha! I think there are a few challenging ones on there…I reckon spending no money for a month will be hard!

  12. English Mum says:

    I can help with no. 78!!

    And wait – we raised well over ?1000 for Shelterbox – cross that baby off! You’re making me feel bad ‘cos my foodie bucket list is only up to about 37… xx

  13. Little Mummy says:

    OMG!!!! I forgot about your hubby being a pilot!

    I could mark 78 off definitely, but it’s supposed to be a personal donation to a specific charity so I’m going to stick with it and hopefully one day I can be rich enough to give away a ?1000 without feeling sick 🙂

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  16. Natalie says:

    I love the list. You HAVE to see Cirque de Soleil, they are breath-taking. Bought their DVD set and it was great, but it no where near captured the exhilaration you get from a live show. Ah-mazing!

  17. Little Mummy says:

    Oh, I’m hoping that the Elvis Cirque du Soleil will be still on when I go to Las Vegas, might be a long shot!

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  20. Frederique says:

    Really loved your list and found it very inspiring. I should definitely write mine !

  21. Erica says:

    Hi,I love your blog!,First I saw recipe,then your list,which is great.Finally I noticed we have the same name.I thought,I like this woman even more.lol

  22. Little Mummy says:

    Thanks Erica! 🙂

  23. Anna Allgrove says:

    I love this! Thank you! I am now going to go and write my 100 things. There are a few on your list I will definitely be putting on mine. I truly hope you tick them all off. Good luck and thanks for inspiring me!

  24. Little Mummy says:

    Thanks Anna. If I complete them all I’ll have lived a very fulfilling life, here’s hoping!

  25. Merry Kemp says:

    I am very impressed by what you are doing, as what you are doing is what I have been saying I would like to do, and keep blaming others for why I am not doing it… I see no excuses now… Would you help me out in terms of how? Thank you!!!

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  28. savannahbree10 says:

    What a great list !

  29. What a fantastic idea – I love it but not sure I’d be able to tick many off. I love your blog – loads to it. I’m new to blogging and this is great site to get some tips.

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  32. duckletshut says:

    Great bucket list! I’ve done some of these.. You’ve inspired me to make my own list!

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  36. Great list. I’m currently trying to declutter and organise my wardrobe. Since having had my 2nd (& last) baby I’m now back to my pre-baby weight and it’s time to chuck the maternity clothes and unflattering baggy jumpers that I’ve been hiding under. I’ve booked myself in for a session with a Personal Shopper at Frasers in Glasgow that I’m very much looking forward to. Not sure I could throw out all my clothes though…

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  39. Twin Mum says:

    Did you know that your list only contains 99 things to do before you die? Point 1 is the same as Point 62! I think I should decide what your 100th thing to do should be, seeing as I noticed this! I think your 100th thing to do should be to: build a tree house for Erin!

  40. What a great list – you have given me inspiration for sitting down and writing my own list. However, I am tempted to add things that would have been on my list but that I have already achieved but I appreciate that defeats the object!

    • Erica says:

      Have two lists – one for things achieved and another for ones still to be done.

      Or cheat, I added half a dozen big things that I’ve already achieved!

  41. Maya says:

    Well done Erica. Your list is amazing, i was inspired by it. Now making my list. Thank you 😀

  42. EdinBlogger says:

    I love lists, especially if they have so many fun things to get done.

    You have inspired me to make one of my own as well.

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