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Camping In Scotland

When the sun is out, I truly believe there really is no better place to be than in Scotland. We have beautiful scenery surrounding us at every corner. Yes the weather is changeable but that means the scenery is constantly … Continue reading

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Staycation in Edinburgh

  Last year the summer weather in Scotland hardly existed at all, we just seemed to have a lot of rain. Ever the optimist I’m thinking that this means this year it will be so much nicer, so a good … Continue reading

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Sensory Dining with Nespresso

We’ve been Nespresso fans for a while now, we bought our machine three years ago and we are club members. When the invitation to enjoy a sensory dining experience arrived, I couldn’t believe my luck. To say that a five … Continue reading

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Paradise Island Golf Adventure, Livingston

I’m always on the look out for alternative indoor activities to do with kids. When you live somewhere that doesn’t always offer the best weather it’s quite often an essential to have a few different ideas tucked up your sleeve! … Continue reading

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Are you an entrepreneur?

I worked as an employee from the age of 12 through to 21 when I had my daughter. I started my employment in my uncle’s shop. I worked as a babysitter throughout my teenage years. On leaving school I went … Continue reading

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The 21 Hour Work Week

Have you read Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Workweek? What did you think? I picked up some really good tips from this when I read it a few years back. The thing is though I don’t want to work for only … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Ignore Valentine’s Day

I have been with a partner my whole adult life. The husband and I got together when I was 15, we got engaged when I was 16 (yes, really!) and married when I was 21. We have never celebrated Valentine’s … Continue reading

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Retiring Abroad

We watched The Real Marigold Hotel last night, a reality version of the film where older celebrities move into a haveli in India to see if they fancy retiring there. We actually really enjoyed it, and despite being in our … Continue reading

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Stop Buying, Start Living

There’s one big thing that keeps people from the life they dream of. It’s not confidence or motivation or a great business idea. It’s consumption. Maintaining the lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed becomes all consuming. It keeps a person … Continue reading

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Do Something For The Future Today

I reconnected this week with a blog I used to read back in 2006 when I first started blogging. You can find it here – The Simple Dollar, the focus is on financial freedom and frugality. I think we can … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Royal Mile & Scottish Parliament Walk

Following our successful Buckstone Cafe Walk, we decided to do another to the Royal Mile and Scottish Parliament. It was based loosely on the Edinburgh Tourist Information walk on the Ramblers website. We started half way up the Royal Mile. … Continue reading

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Our Christmas Food Traditions

Waitrose got in touch last month to ask about our Christmas traditions in relation to food, they wanted to know what our favourite recipes were. I was thinking about it and realised that for eleven months of the year we … Continue reading

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A New Christmas Tree!

Last year I got so fed up with our Christmas decorations that I chucked the lot. In fairness we had a cheap 4ft tree and a random selection of decorations, very few of which I actually liked. I’ll be honest, … Continue reading

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