Lyceum Youth Theatre: Blackout and Eclipse

Lyceum Youth Theatre

Having attended the opening night of the Connections festival, we were invited back for closing night at the Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh. On show tonight, we had a company from the Oslo International School. They treated us to a performance of a play called Blackout. Waking up in the isolation of a prison cell with no memory of how he got there, we retrace the steps of a young man accused of attempted murder. A victim of bullying, driven to isolation, depression and violence. It was a compelling play and the young actors were on top form, especially since the play had a particularly Scottish tone and used slang at times. They delivered the lines with conviction and enthusiasm and conveyed the story very well indeed. They also used narration to convey the range of emotions running through the lead character’s mind which I thought worked well.

After a short interval, the cast of the Lyceum Youth Theatre performed a play called Eclipse. Using the premise of flashbacks to tell a story of a fateful night on a beach during an eclipse, a group of youngsters look to carry out a ritual of some kind, with a newcomer, Lucy Lime causing friction, tension between the group. Behind the beach setting, there is a more formal, courtroom setting with older versions of the group, giving evidence in the apparent disappearance of Lucy all those years ago. This play was more complex but the story was very interesting. The young actors again were excellent and gave intense performances full of conviction to the material.

Overall, I was very impressed with all the performances on show tonight and really enjoyed both shows. It was clear a great deal of effort had been put in by all concerned to give a very high level of quality.

To find out more about the Lyceum Theatre, click here.

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