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Lyceum Youth Theatre: LYT Discover
by Alex Douglas

Lyceum Youth Theatre

We were invited along to the Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh for the opening night of the Connections Festival. Set on the main stage of the Lyceum theatre in Edinburgh, a group of kids aged between 9-11, dressed in pyjamas presented a short play about the difficulties of putting on a birthday party. The Connections Festival was off. It wasn’t slick or polished, and fell foul of some technical gremlins, but it was however delivered with commitment, enjoyment and honesty from all of the young cast who are all offered free participation in drama and come from the most underrepresented areas of the city. This was really good to see. There were a few funny moments as the eldest of the cast attempted to wrangle the rest of the kids into some order and organisation, only for her efforts to be thwarted by an annoying brother. At times, he reminded me of, well, me.

The next short production was brought to us by a slightly older cast of characters but continuing the birthday theme. They gave us a play which was a tour through some of their birthday highlights and also gave us a glimpse into the future, where beauty products can slow the effects of ageing and in some cases, reverse it! If they have found a cure for baldness, I can’t wait for this future to become reality! The performances in this show were again delivered with passion and there were some more confident performances on display, probably due to this group being older.

After a short interval, the young adults of the Indelible Arts Theatre Group treated us to a performance called The Musicians. Set in Moscow we followed the North Berwick High School Orchestra attempting to perform Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony. They are hampered however by the lack of instruments, which have been impounded by Russian Customs and are helped out by a friendly,if not a little irritating, Russian janitor. The performances on display were excellent, with the two lead actors particularly impressive. They were funny, convincing and a little bit of bad language weirdly made the whole thing seem much more realistic.

Overall we really enjoyed the night and loved seeing young people getting a chance to tread the boards and have fun while they were doing it. A great way to kick off the festival.

To find out more about the Lyceum Theatre, click here.

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