Book Review: How To Be Free

how to be free bookDo you ever feel that life is overly complex? That there are too many rules and regulations and that the happiness is being sucked out of you?

I was sceptical about How to Be Free, I thought it was going to be all hippy stuff that wouldn’t do what I wanted it to. It turns out that the author Tom Hodgkinson speaks a lot of sense. Tim pulls apart life bit by bit, chapter by chapter and makes you see how inconsequential most things are. From debt to work, material posessions to family, Tom covers it all. While I don’t agree with everything the book had to say (why would I, that would be a bit weird anyway) it made me question my own beliefs and actions at every turn. I think a good book changes you or something you do for the better, this book did that for me.

Verdict: If you want to wipe the slate clean and have all of your assumptions questioned, this is the book for you. I finished reading with a renewed sense of what was important and being able to shrug off many of the daily goings on that can grind you down and force you off track.

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