Top Five Things To Do With A Ten Year Old In Edinburgh

Who better to tell you what to do in Edinburgh with a ten year old, than a ten year old. I’m handing the blog over to my own ten year old to give us her top five things to do in Edinburgh.

Princes Street Gardens

So, counting down from number five…

5. Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is a great and interesting place to go no matter how old or young you are. Everyone enjoys it there as there is lots of cool things to do like the mirror maze or the vortex tunnel which feels like you’re spinning around, it really is an exciting place to go.

Ticket prices are:
Adult 14.50 senior 12.50 student with ID 12.50 Child 5-15 10.50 [under 5s go free]

4. Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street gardens is a good place to visit to have a picnic after shopping which almost all ten year olds enjoy, it’s a free place to go and in summer is really quite beautiful with flowers and benches to sit on.

3. Silverknowes

Silverknowes is a beach in Edinburgh, it’s a great place to take a walk or collect shells. It’s good to go there with your whole family.

2. S Luca

Luca’s is one of our favourite places to go for breakfast, they also do lunch and tea and of course ice cream – they have a sweetie counter where I like to spend my pocket money.


Ryze is the ultimate trampoline park. They have single trampolines which can only have one person on at a time and they have bigger trampolines at the back which two people can go. They also have a foam pit you can jump into and ropes or silks you can hang from, and a tall tower you can jump off into the foam pit. You need special Ryze socks or no socks at all and you get about an hour and a half on the trampolines.

Ticket prices are:
2-6 :7.00 7 over :10.00

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