Survival Kit for Warm Weather

Kids’ Survival Kits for Warm Days

Kids' Survival Kits for Warm Days

Even for those who work full time, there is something about the long school-holiday season that impels us to continue thinking of it as a “lazy” time of year. Maybe because things at home are a bit easier without homework and the daily routine of school on top of our own daily routine. Working hours feel a little softer, daylight stays with us longer. It seems we humans are still wired to appreciate this seasonal cycle. Loads of day camps offer wonderful activities for children to keep them occupied during the day, and they’ll need a different set of gear.


  1. Backpack

If they don’t use one for school, they should have one for camp, as these are often outdoors, with the kids hiking about parks and cities alike. Get a pack with a lot of pockets because holiday adventures always require multiple compartments. If your family is planning a trip, a new roomy backpack with a personalised name tag can also inspire them to help with the packing, but don’t be surprised if their list of essentials includes a rainbow wig, a rock collection, and their favourite stuffy. Don’t get too precious about the backpack because it’s going to get dirty.


  1. Sun protection

We probably don’t need to mention this one, but we will. Research has confirmed that sunburns at an early age raise the risk of melanoma later in life, and the medical community is still united in its support for sun protection. Roll-on or sunscreen sticks are more expensive, but if you’ve ever had to clean zinc goop out of the bottom of a bag, you’ll find it worth the money. Have one that just lives in the backpack at all times. Lightweight protective clothing should also have a place in the bag. Of course, recommends wraparound sunglasses, but we won’t hold our breath for the day the average 7-year-old remembers to put those on or doesn’t lose them.


  1. Stainless steel bottle with a wide top

Much easier to keep clean and to sterilise when necessary than plastic bottles, steel bottles can also take the banging around they’re sure to receive during an average week’s adventuring out of school.


  1. Their first wallet

Between field trips and snacks, children will sometimes need a little spending money at camp. Don’t send them with money if they aren’t going to need it, as it may get “traded” or used unwisely among young children.

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