Little Darlings Afternoon Tea at Blythswood Square

When I think of afternoon tea in Glasgow, it conjures up memories of sitting in my great auntie’s flat in the south of the city, scoffing a Scotch pie accompanied by the finest HP sauce, washed down by some premium vintage Irn-Bru and finished with a nice coconut ice bun from the bakers. What we were treated to last Sunday was an all together more sophisticated affair.

Blythswood Hotel


We were invited along to the Blythswood Square Hotel to experience their afternoon tea, specifically their “Little Darlings” version which is suitable for children 12 and under. Originally, this was supposed to be for Erica & Erin, as a kind of “Ladies what Lunch” day out. I managed to negotiate an invite by offering my exceptional chauffeur skills. There’s a lot to be said for a lift there and back!

Afternoon Tea, Glasgow

We were greeted at the door of this impressive Georgian townhouse hotel by a cheery doorman who warmly greeted all of us, but in particular Erin, with that trademark “Glasgow charm” and pointed us in the right direction. We were seated in the lovely dining room on a very comfortable couch next to the window, giving us great views of the square itself.

Little Darlings Afternoon Tea

As we settled in and got comfortable, we were presented with our menus and offered drinks. All fairly standard stuff, right? Well yes, but I have to say that the service was exceptionally good from start to finish. Everyone was smart, welcoming and had an almost effortless way of making us feel that we were the only people they had in that day, even though they were very busy indeed.

Blythswood Square Hotel

We ordered two adult afternoon teas and Erin had the Little Darling afternoon tea. When they arrived, the waitress described what was on each stand in detail, which all looked very impressive. The star of the afternoon version for myself and Erica was the Coronation chicken tart, which was made with the best pastry I’ve tasted, closely followed by the coconut & mango macaron. Erin chose the honey roast ham wrap as the main element on hers but she is a dessert girl at heart. She picked out the chocolate brownie and ice cream cone as her favourites. She also really enjoyed the glass bottle of Irn-Bru she had. Well, you can’t remove the Glasgow element completely!

Ice Cream, Afternoon Tea, Blythswood Hotel
After a very relaxing and enjoyable two and a half hours we said our goodbyes and thank you’s and headed back to the car feeling very full and satisfied, with the girls happy they’d invited me, otherwise they’d have had to roll down the hill to Glasgow Central train station rather than falling into a food induced sleep in a comfortable car! At the price, I’d say it was not cheap but it was good value for what we had. And not a Scotch pie in sight!

Blythswood Square Hotel Afternoon Tea costs £28 for adults and the Little Darlings Afternoon Tea is £12.95 and is located in Glasgow city centre.

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