Sensory Dining with Nespresso

We’ve been Nespresso fans for a while now, we bought our machine three years ago and we are club members. When the invitation to enjoy a sensory dining experience arrived, I couldn’t believe my luck. To say that a five course sensory dining experience with Nespresso infused dishes appealed would be an understatement!

Coffee with Currys

Nespresso have just launched their latest machine, the Prodigio. The Prodigio is the world’s first connected coffee machine. Not only can you manage your stock levels and reorder via your mobile phone, you can also have the machine make your coffee automatically via an app. Perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings.


The event kicked off with a tour of the Nespresso machines over the last thirty years. I loved the first ever Nespresso machine, how retro does it look compared to current models?

Sensory Dining

Inside the private dining area, each plate had a carefully folded blindfold. It quickly became apparent what was in store for us!

Our first course was eaten blind and we had to guess what it was.

Nespresso Sensory Dining

It was a classic Italian Caprese salad with an unusual garnish of Nespresso Rosabaya infused sauce. I loved it and it’s one I will be attempting to cook at home. Eating blindfolded? Probably not something I’ll try at home!

Sensory Dining

With blindfolds off, the full menu was revealed to us. Each course had a different Nespresso infused element.

Nespresso Sensory Dining

Our next course was an Italian risotto flavoured with Nespresso Cosi which has a bitter finish to it on the palate.

Nespresso Sensory Dining

The pan fried venison was served with an unusual fried custard flavoured with Nespresso Kazaar, the flavour definitely complemented the venison but the texture wasn’t to my taste. This kicked off a discussion about how we would have used coffee in the dish, we agreed that venison rolled in a seasoning mix that included coffee could really work.

Nespresso Sensory Dining

Dessert was definitely a highlight of the meal, and a contender for one of the nicest desserts I’ve had this year (alongside this chocolate and caramel tart). The pannacotta was flavoured with Nespresso Vanillito.

The evening was rounded off with fresh coffee (of course) from one of the many Nespresso machines dotted around, Nespresso Indriya and Frangelico truffles (love Frangelico, reminds me of a drunken night with my friend Becky…but we shan’t talk about that), and a particularly strong Nespresso martini.

Thanks to Nespresso and Currys for inviting me along, I had a great time and plan to get create over the next couple of weeks discovering how I can use Nespresso in my cooking!

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