Behind The Scenes at McDonalds

I’ve been lucky enough to have many experiences via this blog including going behind the scenes at Disney and being a cruise ambassador. Last week I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at McDonalds and I had so much fun!

I met Jim, a really nice guy who owns two McDonalds including the one at Silverburn, Glasgow.

McDonalds Scotland

We were shown the new iPads that customers can play on, and the new digital kiosks. As a parent I think this new use of technology will make ordering quicker and easier, they’re even rolling out table service so now you can order and get the kids settled down rather than hanging around in the queue.

Behind the scenes at McDonald's

After trying out the digital kiosk we got to go behind the counter. Waiting for us in the crew area were our very own uniforms and badges (which we got to keep). Jim took us around all the stations and revealed some interesting facts.

McDonalds by numbers…

12 – the millimetre thickness of a quarter pounder
20 – the millimetre thickness of a signature burger patty
30 – the amount of minutes you can go before washing your hands when preparing food
42 – the amount of seconds it takes to cook a standard burger patty
50 – the amount of seconds it takes to make a Big Mac, and just 35 if there is a full team!

I’ve never been bothered by eating at McDonalds, I love all food, as you can see from my Edinburgh food website. I eat everything from Michelin to fast food, and everything in between. I’ve also worked as a fine dining waitress so I’ve seen behind the scenes of a professional kitchen and I can honestly say I have no qualms about the cleanliness and food at either end of the spectrum.

Onto the fun bit, making our own Big Mac. I never worked at McDonalds as a teenager (I worked as a cleaner and a babysitter instead) so I was quite chuffed to have the opportunity to make a burger myself.

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How To Make A Big Mac

1. Toast your bun, which is split into ‘crown’, ‘club’ and ‘heel’

2. Add Mac sauce to the heel and club

3. Sprinkle 7g of ‘de-hi’, that’s onion to you and I

4. 14g of fresh iceberg lettuce on the heel and club

5. One slice of cheese on the heel

6. Add your 7 millimetre patties to heel and club (which have been cooked for exactly 42 seconds)

7. Pop the club onto the heel, and flip the lid closed

8. Pop it down the chute (video coming of this bit!) and hey presto One Big Mac ready to go!
All that in just 50 seconds….and just 35 seconds if there’s a full shift team.

If all this talk of McDonalds has made you hungry, head down to your local branch to sample their new signature menu – the burger patties are bigger than all their others so much more fulfilling as an evening meal. Burgers are currently in Classic, BBQ and Spicy flavours. And the good news? They’re here to stay!

Get more information on McDonalds here.

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