6 Of The Best Soft Play Centres In Edinburgh

When you live in a country that doesn’t always guarantee the best outdoor weather, soft play can become a regular favourite with us mums who want to let our kids let off a little steam, give them some fun exercise and give ourselves a bit of Mummy time too in the process. Here’s my 6 favourite soft plays in Edinburgh.

Soft Play Edinburgh

1. Time Twisters

Think Egypt meets Indiana Jones. The themed décor here is fab for sparking those young imaginations and they are quite possibly taking in a bit of history at the same time as all that climbing, crawling, clambering and chasing too.

2. Gambado

There’s so much on offer here that no two trips are the same and you’ll be lucky if you see your child the whole time your there. It’s always busy and very noisy but the kids love it.

3. Ocean Play Centre

Ball Play, Surf Rider and Zoopa Cannon, even just saying them sounds fun. I like the role-play zones in here, which are nice for younger kids. They have a mini supermarket, pizza delivery play area and garage with real scooters!

4. Tumbles

Right on the beach at Portobello, I’ve found this a godsend when I was trying to have some fresh outdoorsy fun and the weather changed my plans. Good distinct zones for different age groups so that the wee ones don’t get run over by energetic bigger kids.

5. Scrambles Soft Play

The soft play at the EICA only goes up to age 9 (probably because there is much more exciting, climbing related things for older kids to do in the climbing arena) but this makes it a very toddler/tweenie friendly soft play so if your kids are younger I’d recommend here. Their coffee is good too.

6. Jungle Adventure

Brand new to Edinburgh, located at the end of Easter Road, (used to be Leith Waterworld) so expect state of the art playing facilities that include the Biff Bash Forest, Spiders Web Astra Slide, 3D Rope Maze, Roller Challenge Zone and Drop Slide. You can even drive a safari quad around their track. I haven’t been yet but plan to go soon.

So that’s the kids sorted, it might not be a quiet environment for you to have some mummy time but while they are busy you’ll definitely have an hour or more to yourself.

If you’re like me and you can zone out despite the noise, get a coffee and read a book or magazine.

I’ve been known to switch off and de-stress by playing something like candy crush or bingo online, click here for bingo online.

If you’re surfing the web, don’t forget to check out this new app. I’ve downloaded the Edinburgh Mums App and so far I am very impressed. It has loads of special offers and treats for mums for when you have the kids in tow or for when you have some real, no kids me time. All local, just for us.

Finally if it’s too noisy for you to concentrate on any of the above, just look around you. There will be loads of other Mums there too, all there for the same reasons, so why not make a new friend?

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