Are you an entrepreneur?

I worked as an employee from the age of 12 through to 21 when I had my daughter. I started my employment in my uncle’s shop. I worked as a babysitter throughout my teenage years. On leaving school I went into administration. I had a short spell debt collecting before working in a nursery. During Erin’s early years I worked part time with a charity and finally as a fine dining waitress. That’s where my employment ended. I can honestly say that during nearly ten years of employment I had very little impact on anyone or anything. I know it now and I knew it then. I was terribly unfulfilled and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just get on with my little tasks like everyonelse.

While I was on maternity leave I did a lot of soul searching. I read Authentic: How to Make a Living By Being Yourself. It was the first book to show me that I had options. I didn’t need to be an employee, I could work for myself. In that moment and during the months and years after, I realised I’d been trying to squash my entrepreneurial self into employed situations.

It took a year or so to make the transition to being self employed. We had to cut back to make it financially viable in the early days. My desire for self employment was strong though, I plowed all my energy into building income streams and gaining a professional reputation.

It has been an interesting , fulfilling, and at times challenging journey. One that I’m happy to have embarked on sooner rather than later.

Are you an entrepreneur in a job person’s body?

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