A Staycation at The Dalmahoy, Edinburgh

A staycation, in case you don’t know, is when you choose to holiday or take a short break but stay very close to home. I couldn’t quite figure out why I’d bother until we did it…

Edinburgh Hotel

Our staycation was over the Christmas period and we went to our local Marriott hotel, The Dalmahoy. It has two golf courses, a nature trail, driving range, leisure club and a fining dining restaurant….and it’s FIVE minutes away from our house.

Golf at The Dalmahoy

As the morning of our overnight stay arrived, I surveyed the carnage of Christmas that surrounded me and felt rather thankful to be able to escape it. We all packed our overnight bags which took about five minutes and was no stress whatsoever, a further five minutes and we had arrived. No travelling expense, no ‘when are we going to get there’, no rubbish service station food.

We had already decided that we wanted to use our night away to spend some quality time together so we headed for the James Braid Bar in the leisure club with our new Pointless board game. We had lunch and spent a nice hour together away from all the mess!

The Dalmahoy Edinburgh

After a swim, steam and sauna in the pool we headed back to our large family room to relax. The Dalmahoy has a range of family movies available in the room, perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

Pentland Restaurant

There are two main restaurants at The Dalmahoy; The Pentland Restaurant and Zest. Zest would be your child friendly option, but I really wanted to dine at The Pentland Restaurant as I used to work there (and wanted to see how it had changed), I also knew Erin would enjoy it. The Pentland Restaurant offer a children’s menu with starter and dessert options meaning older kids can enjoy the three course experience alongside their parents. A nice additional touch was the kids ‘cocktail’ menu, Erin enjoyed selecting a cocktail (the Raging Rainbow!) to enjoy with her meal. Full restaurant review to follow on Foodinburgh.

The Dalmahoy for Kids

We all slept well after such a big meal, but there was plenty of space come morning for The Dalmahoy breakfast. This is served buffet style in the Pentland restaurant, it’s well worth arriving early to enjoy one of the window seats and the views over the golf course.

Marriott Hotel Edinburgh

We had a lovely time at The Dalmahoy, and to be honest we felt that not only had we been properly ‘away’ but that it seemed longer than a night. It just goes to show, you don’t need to travel half way around the world to get that refreshed rejuvenated feeling.

More info and booking for The Dalmahoy

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  1. This looks fab! I think this Christmas on those few days in between we’ll go away for a little break, even if it’s close by like you say you still feel like you’re getting away from it all 🙂

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