Creating Work And Recreation Balance

CocktailOver the past couple of years I’ve worked hard. I joke about messing about on Facebook (on Facebook ironically), but I often work early in the morning, in the evening and at weekends. I’ve always committed to doing what needs to be done, both when I was running an online training business (it was my job to create ecourses), and now as I have client’s businesses to look after.

Home life has been quite hard work too. We bought a house and moved, we bought a new car and my husband changed his job quite significantly. All this change needed to be managed, and much of that fell to me(not complaining, that’s one of the skills I bring to the relationship!).

Towards the end of 2013 I was left feeling a little exhausted by it all. Throughout all the changes you can imagine that money and time were tight and recreational activities were few and far between. There just wasn’t much time, money, energy or motivation to go out partying.

So 2014 is a chance to relax and make more time for going out and enjoying ourselves.

Work is a big part of my life which is why this isn’t about a work/life balance, it’s specifically about building time in to be able to stop working completely and go and do something purely recreational; a show, meal out, family activities. I think when you’re self employed that down time is really important for both personal health and wellbeing, but you often find the best ideas come when you aren’t working at all.

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