The Best Diet For Me

My year started out like this.

Reading The Best Diet For You while drinking from my newly replenished Nespresso stock and eating Broons fudge from Christmas. I’m fairly certain that the best diet for me does not involve eating the Christmas fudge.

Or maybe it does, maybe a little of what you fancy is actually good for you. A LITTLE being the important part of that well known phrase, and the part most easily ignored.

I’ve studied the book and I’ve decided not to adopt any of the diets within it. I’m being typically stubborn and independent. I’m going to create my own diet.

You see, while I’m sure some of the diets would probably help me lose weight, the reality is I just can’t be arsed to follow something that strictly. None of the diets fit my personality or lifestyle perfectly so I’m taking all the advice and creating my own ‘Diatia’ (the Greek word for diet which actually means holistic health encompassing the mind and the body) regime.

While I’ll be continuing to create my meal plans, something I’ve been doing for over ten years, these won’t be limited to; certain foodstuffs, calorie counts, point scores, carbohydrate limits, portion controls or what food may or may not suit my blood type, personality, eye colour or sexual persuasion (ok, the last two were a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously? I think the diet world is clutching at straws).

My diatia for 2014 will loosely follow a set of self imposed rules which I will break approximately 10% of the time.

1. No Friday night order in take away. If we want to eat out, we eat out.

2. No fizzy drinks bought in the weekly shopping.

3. Monday – Thursday needs to be made up of predominantly healthy choices.

4. A gradually increasing walk on mon – thurs must take place, even if it’s raining.

5. Meals must be cooked from scratch wherever possible.

6. A general move towards less meat and more vegetables.

7. Weekends we can let loose a bit but food and treats for the weekend must be purchased and consumed AT THE WEEKEND

8. A gradual move towards natural skincare products (ESPA and Bare Minerals are the current favourites)

9. No work after 8pm, unless I’m desperately in the flow (see 10% rule! I fully intend on breaking this tonight)

10. One day a month to myself, doing stuff to promote good health and wellbeing (read: facial and then reading/sleep)

So there we are, ten rules which if followed, will result in a healthier 2014.

Are you making any changes for 2014?

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