Nespresso Boutique Edinburgh

Well here we are, 2014 already. I feel like I’ve been caught napping this year. I’m usually organised and full of plans for the coming year by now. A bout of illness meant that I didn’t see the bells in (first year ever) and I’ve been slow to get going from there.

Not to worry though, kids are back at school so I can start making plans. This year is a bit of a weird one, we’ve just come off the back of two big years plans wise – we moved house, Alex started a new job, I started a new business and we bought a new car. This year needs to be about chilling out and having some fun I think. Plans are afoot for a trip to Prague, Erin wants to go to France on the Eurostar and I’m off to Graceland, Memphis in October. We’re also planning to take ‘Trev’ my mum’s motorhome for a spin. I also want to have more dining experiences like this, and of course Foodinburgh 2014 with my foodie friends Laura and Becky will be a highlight.

But before all that I needed coffee so we headed for the new Nespresso boutique in Edinburgh.

We’ve had our Nespresso machine for a year now, it’s our little bit of luxury and we’d be lost without it. Up until now we’ve been ordering online, but finally Nespresso have opened a boutique in Edinburgh on Multrees Walk (next to Harvey Nichols). It was larger than I expected and packed with less products, the back wall is impressive – a wall of coffee.

The tasting bar looks amazing, we didn’t have time for a coffee but as soon as the next limited editions come out, we’ll be taking advantage.

A good addition to the city!

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