Dining At The Pass at One Square

One of my resolutions for the coming year is to indulge a bit more in eating out at some of the high quality restaurants we have in Edinburgh. Did you know that Edinburgh has the highest volume of awarded restaurants in the UK? Second only to London, I feel like we should be taking advantage more.

Myself with Edinburgh's finest food bloggers

Myself with Edinburgh’s finest food bloggers

I thought Christmas had come early when I was invited to ‘Dine At The Pass’ at Edinburgh’s One Square. One Square is inside The Sheraton hotel which also boasts one of Edinburgh’s best spas

After a pre-dinner cocktail, a Porn Star Martini no less, we were led through the restaurant and into the kitchen. We were seated at the marble pass where we could see the entire workings of the kitchen. If you’re into food and cookery, this is a REAL treat.

The meal consisted of seven courses.

Dowhill Farm Beets

Dowhill farm beets

The flavours were perfectly balanced on the first dish of roast and pickled beetroot, beetroot crisps, beetroot powder and goats cheese.

Duck faggots in duck consomme

Duck faggots in duck consomme

Shredded duck leg in a rich duck consomme, my joint favourite with the first dish.

Halibut ceviche with foie gras foam

Halibut ceviche with foie gras foam

I was concerned about the prospect of a fish dish, I’ve only recently begun eating haddock so when I saw the halibut and turbot dishes on our seven course menu I was unsure if I’d manage them. To make matters more challenging the halibut was uncooked, served ceviche style with foie gras foam (another first). I ate it all and while it’s not something I would order myself, I would certainly eat it if it was put in front of me again.

Turbot with oxtail, salsify, kale and rapeseed oil

Turbot with oxtail, salsify, kale and rapeseed oil

The turbot was beautiful, definitely something I’d order again. It was a very filling course with the oxtail but I powered through!

Venison with chocolate sauce and carrot and orange puree

Venison with chocolate sauce and carrot and orange puree

The venison looked quite rare but it was perfect, the chocolate sauce was undoubtedly chocolate which I really liked.

The cheese course was Smoked Cuddy’s Cave on artisan bread with quince.

For the final course we were asked to leave the kitchen for a few minutes. On our return the pass had been cleaned down and the chefs were poised for the finale.

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Dining at the pass starts from £80pp for five courses. The seven course dinner and drinks package we enjoyed is £130pp. Further details here.

I would highly recommend the experience, in fact I plan to take my husband along to experience it soon.

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