Family Camping at Shell Bay, Elie

The summer holdays are well behind us but with Alex now having every weekend off it’s opened up the possibility of going away at the weekend. Last weekend we went ‘glamping’ in my mum’s new motorhome. She booked a campsite in Elie right next to the beach – Shell Bay, Elie

We arrived on the Friday evening. We struggled a bit with setting up the safari room but we were soon settled down with a fruit cider and a picnic tea. There was camp dancing and a lot of semi-embarassing photos taken and uploaded to Facebook.

Family Camping Elie

Everyone was up early on Saturday morning, not much chance of a lie in when you have five adults, a seven year old and a dog crammed into one motor home. Erin ran the ‘camp cafe’ while my mum cooked and I was general lackey. Afterwards we headed to the camp arcade. I got smashed at the air hockey by my brother (the army physical fitness instructor!), my arm still aches a bit from putting all my effort in.

We figured out we were pretty close to Anstruther Fish Bar so Alex and I were sent out for fish and chips all round. We popped to the clubhouse for an hour in the evening before retiring to camp for X Factor and hot dogs. The wind was pretty brutal through the night, at one point I thought we might be carried into the sea on a gust of wind.

Family Camping Elie

On Sunday morning we took a wander down to the beach, it was still really gusty but the beach was beautiful and I can imagine on a fine day it would be a great place for a picnic.

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