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Just after I had Erin, about seven years ago, I ran a small eBay business. I would buy job lots of craft items like stamps and various papers and card, I would sell these on at a small profit. Apart from the odd boot sale it’s where I cut my business teeth. One day I came up with the idea of creating pre-packaged craft boxes for children to take the effort out of Mum doing it all. I didn’t move forward with that idea but the owner of Imaginabox did, and she’s done a better job than I ever could have.

ImaginaboxWe were sent this month’s holiday themed box to try out. As Erin is at the upper age range I decided to let her go ahead and attempt the projects herself while I caught up with some work, summer holidays are always a challenge when you’re self employed!

I was surprised that she was able to follow the instructions and produce something that resembled what was on the picture. The box included paint and glue and she didn’t have to nag me for anything. There was space for her to use her own imagination rather than simply follow a set of instructions to the letter. Erin loved the box saying “Mum, are we reviewing this? If we are can you tell them that it is soooooo good!”

At £14.95 it’s not the cheapest way of doing craft but it certainly takes the hassle out of it, ideal if you are short on time.

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