A Day Aboard Independence of the Seas

Earlier this year I experienced a wonderful Caribbean cruise as part of my role as a Royal Caribbean ambassador, a role I take very seriously as you can imagine!

Well of course I came home raving about it to my husband Alex. I convinced him that a family cruise was a ‘holiday must’ in the near future. I was really pleased then when Royal Caribbean invited us for a family fun day aboard Independence of the Seas, this would give Alex a chance to see what they offer for himself.

Independence of the Seas is almost identical to Liberty of the Seas, the ship we sailed on back in March. Although the hotel manager was quick to tell us that his ship was a whole three and a half inches longer than Liberty, he said this with a pride that only a man could express for the sake of three and a half inches.

Our day aboard Independence began with the Flow Rider. Back in March I was to chicken too give it a go but this time I was determined not to miss out. This is me about to take a big leap of faith.

Independence of the Seas

Alex was up for it too!

Independence of the Seas

After a quick dry off we were whisked away for some cake decorating.

Independence of the Seas

Alex ‘bonded’, cos that’s what men do isn’t it.

Independence of the Seas

Rum punch and a mini ice show followed. This is Erin and Lily holding up their ‘WOW moment’ paddle, I think the show went down well.

Independence of the Seas

Erin and I meeting fellow Royal Caribbean ambassador Sally Gunnell.

Independence of the Seas

The girls raising a toast. They all felt very grown up having lunch in the main dining room surrounded by chandeliers and port holes.

Independence of the Seas

After lunch there was just time enough for a quick dip in the H2O zone.

Independence of the Seas

And then all too soon it was over. Royal Caribbean asked us to pick and upload our ‘WOW moments’, for me there wasn’t just one WOW moment, it was a WOW weekend. My family finally got to meet all my friends, and made friends of their own. We were treated to an action packed day aboard a stunning ship, and my husband has discovered for himself what a wonderful holiday a cruise would be and didn’t want to disembark. We all left with a clutch of happy memories and look forward to actually sailing together sometime in the near future.

Independence of the Seas

Thanks to Royal Caribbean for making it all possible.

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2 Responses to A Day Aboard Independence of the Seas

  1. modelmummy says:

    Lovely photos and glad the other half made a friend!
    Did you go on oasis for the caribbean cruise?
    I am excited to see the newly refurbed independence in a few months.

    • Erica says:

      We went on Liberty for the cruise, it was almost exactly the same as Independence which is looking shiny and lovely.

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