Sun in Scotland

Anstruther Beach

We get less than our fair share of sun here in Scotland. The winters are long and can see us under snow for multiple months without ever seeing the grey of the pavements. Even in the summer it can be ‘dreich’, our very own Scottish word for the grey overcast days that are the norm.

When the sun does shine we have to make the most of it. It’s taken me until now, aged 31, to realise that when the sun’s out you simply have to drop everything and get outside and soak up the rays while they last. That’s exactly what we’ve done this year and I feel a whole lot better for it, I even have a bit of a post holiday glow. This photo was taken on the beach at Anstruther yesterday. It was 25 degrees and there was no place I’d rather have been.

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17 Responses to Sun in Scotland

  1. Mummy Barrow says:

    What a great pic!

    And who says it never gets sunny in Scotland!!

    Roll on Friday, really looking forward to meeting you at the Royal Caribbean get together.

  2. Louise says:

    Glad you are making the most of the sun x

  3. Lovely photo, makes me a little homesick! Interestingly I commented on the ‘must go outside, it might rain tomorrow’ thing in my gallery post 🙂 When the sun shines in Scotland, there are few place more beautiful! #TheGallery

  4. Molly says:

    I don’t think that is just Scotland, we are down south and I tend to be the same, summer is here, stop doing anything else and enjoy it while it lasts as it could well disappear again.


  5. It is just like that here in Canada with long harsh winters so when the sun comes out there is a mass exodus outside! Love that photo, perfect place to enjoy the sun

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    What a cracking picture i do hope you still have sun today x

  7. So true that the only thing that can be said for having little sun is that it makes you really appreciate it when it does shine. You’re lucky to have such a beautiful beach to frolic on when it comes out. Gorgeous pic.

    • Erica says:

      Anstruther’s lovely, worth a little drive – especially as you can get the UK’s best fish and chips there!

  8. LauraCYMFT says:

    Beautiful photo. We’re enjoying the sun here on the west coast of Scotland too. Can’t beat it!

  9. You words reflect exactly what I am doing in our Australian winter! If it’s sunny, drop everything and get out! This year, we have had an unbelievable amount of Winter rain on my Mornington Peninsula. But the last 2 days have been heavenly! A quick posting here and I’m out!

  10. MummaG says:

    Lovely photo, Scotland looks like such a beautiful place from all the pictures I’ve seen. I must make the effort to get there some day soon!

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