Foodinburgh 2013: A Foodie Tour of Edinburgh

My foodie friend Becky and I had been talking about doing a food focused tour of Edinburgh for ages. Like all good ideas they require action to make them happen so in May we finally pinned a date down and I began working on an itinerary. We decided early on that we wanted to do a casual version and so we focused it around markets, food shops and some relaxed eating. As Becky had never been to Edinburgh I wanted make sure she took in some of the main sights too.

Edinburgh Castle

Day 1

We started at 12pm on Saturday at the Castle Terrace Market. It was quite busy with a bit of live music which got us into the mood. Becky honed in on the Edinburgh Gin stand and got a few snaps and a web address for future purchases.

Castke Terrace Market

We walked up towards the castle to the very top of The Royal Mile and had a quick look in the Scotch Whisky Shop. We walked past The Witchery and went into Ness to look at tartan bags. Just off the Royal Mile is Victoria Street, a windy cobbled street with a few restaurants, Ian Mellis Cheesemongers and most importantly Oink. We grabbed ourselves a hog roast roll with sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce. I tried to encourage Becky to partake in a bottle of Irn Bru but the lurid orange colour put her off. We wandered walked very quickly to the grassmarket for somewhere to sit and devour our rolls. It just so happened that it was armed forces day so we ate to the sound of bagpipes, it was perfect.


With a belly full of pig we made our way back onto the Royal Mile where we saw an Orange Order march. We popped into Cranachan and Crowdie for a look and then had a brief look at Holyrood Palace and the Scottish Parliament. We both decided that the parliament wasn’t befitting its wonderfully historic surroundings, such a shame, they could have built something amazing. We put the world to rights in Starbucks before heading for dinner at Mother India Cafe. Mother India serves authentic Indian food in tapas sized portions. I love tapas of any cuisine as you get to be adventurous and try things you wouldn’t usually. A full review of Mother India Cafe to follow.


Day 2

The husband made us a traditional Scottish breakfast with potato scone, haggis and Stornoway black pudding. I’m not a fan of haggis but Becky seemed to like it, either that or she was being a good house guest!


Afterwards we took a short walk through Stockbridge and up to the market. It’s my favourite market out of all those around Edinburgh, I think it’s a combination of the variety of stalls and the location which is very pretty. Erin bought her usual portion of homemade marshmallows (mint choc chip this time) and chocolate (sea salt and caramel). We discovered a new fudge stall where we tried loads of different flavours, we settled on banoffee pudding, Scottish tablet, peanut butter and Irn Bru flavours.

A quick drive and we were dropped off outside Harvey Nichols. We wasted no time in taking the escalators directly to the fourth floor – the food hall. It’s a foodie’s paradise with loads of unusual ingredients to look at. Oh, and there’s a chocolate lounge, I’ll be visiting that soon.

A short walk through St Andrew’s Square brought us out at the end of George Street. We both discovered a love for Anthropologie. There was lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing at all the lovely things, they’ve been followed on Facebook and Twitter in preparation for future purchases.

Becky chose Cafe Andaluz for dinner, again I’m not going to say too much as I have a review to follow but we made some lovely choices and it was great value.

Day 3

With just a morning all that was left to do was cake. Of course it had to be Mimi’s, in my opinion she serves the best cake anywhere in Edinburgh. We both tucked into large slices of red velvet cake. The perfect end to a lovely weekend.

Cake Edinburgh

Foodinburgh 2014 is in the pipeline already. If you love FOOD and you love EDINBURGH watch these spaces – @foodinburgh and

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  1. Laura says:

    I need to put my name doon for Foodinburgh 2014

  2. Erica says:

    After dropping Becky at the airport Alex and I were saying how easy it would have been to squeeze in another bod. We’re definitely scaling up for Foodinburgh 2014!

  3. English Mum says:

    Really fab time, thank you so much for having me! I won’t need to write a post about it either, I can just nick yours! I’m so up for Foodinburgh 2014 too. It HAS to be an annual thing x

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  5. Excellent idea – and yum!

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