Horrible Histories Theatre Show & Bus Tour

EdinburghEdinburgh is full of gory history; the hangings in the Grassmarket, the drowning of suspected witches and the infamous murders of Burke and Hare. There is plenty to satisfy the appetite of small children who can’t get enough horrible history.

On Friday we were invited to review the new Horrible Histories commentary on the City Sightseeing tour. The new commentary is voiced by Edinburgh’s annual pantomime villain Grant Stott who will be familiar to many children in Edinburgh. The tour lasts about an hour but your ticket lasts 24 hours so you can hop on and off. The tour passes, amongst other places, Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and the Palace of Holyrood House. The gory stories were good but I felt that they would be improved by more sound effects and voices to really bring it all to life.

Edinburgh Kids Bus Tour

After a quick bite to eat at Wannaburger we took a short taxi ride to the Kings Theatre.

Kings Theatre

There are two Horrible History productions currently touring the country – Terrible Tudors and Vile Victorians. Both shows use actors and 3D Bogglevision to bring the history alive and make you feel a part of it. The show is not for the feint hearted, it opens with a story of how baby farmers promised to look after babies for a fee before drowning them. However, it is all delivered in a humourous and highly entertaining way and I walked away thinking that this is how all history lessons should be. The kids loved it and seemed completely unphased by all the death we’d witnessed. The 3D is an added bonus, it reminded me of some of the shows we saw in DisneyWorld which must use the same technology.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Horrible History themed day out and would recommend it to other blood thirsty kids 😉

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