Easy Supper: Ras el hanout chicken and garlic spinach

Ras el hanout is a moroccan spice blend that stands for ‘top of the shop’, the name reflects the fact it’s a mixture of more expensive spices. It can include up to 20 spices including cinammon, lavender and rose buds. It’s readily available, I bought mine at Sainsbury’s.


Whole chicken
Olive oil
Ras el hanout
2 lemons
Baby spinach
3 garlic cloves
Sea salt
Black pepper

On week days I like to use the fewest amount of ingredients, the least amount of effort and make something that has maximum flavour. This one covered all bases.

1. Rub your chicken with olive oil and a generous amount of ras el hanout. Cut two lemons in half, stick two halves up its bum and leave the other two in the roasting tray. Pop it into the oven for the recommended time (180 degrees), a large chicken usually takes about an hour and a half. Poke the bit between the leg and the breast with a knife, if the juices run clear you’re safe.

2. Once the chicken’s done, remove the lemons from the cavity and set it aside to rest.

3. With a fork, mash the lemons into the chicken juices and scape off all the unctiousy chicken bits from the tray. Season the juices and strain them through a sieve (to get rid of pips and other unnecessary bits). Set them aside in a jug.

4. Heat olive oil in a pan, smash your garlic cloves and fry gently in the oil.

5. Once the oil has been infused with garlic, remove the cloves (we’re only after a hint of garlic flavour here. Add the the spinach to the pan.

6. Once the spinach is wilted serve onto the plate, place a carved breast of chicken (with skin!) on top.

7. Skim the excess fat off the juices and heat the remains in a pan and spoon over chicken and spinach.

Serve with bread or cous cous to mop us the juices!

The remaining chicken can be used for sandwiches, wraps, risotto…

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