Lean In To What’s Really Important in Life

You might have heard Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) talking about ‘leaning in’ over the past few weeks. She’s talking specifically about leaning in to your career or motherhood but the idea of leaning in (or out) is relevant to all areas of our lives

In a world where monetary wealth, economic growth, consumption and competitiveness reign supreme we are encouraged to lean in to our careers. It’s easy to forget about the things that are really important; friendship, community, happiness, fulfilment…

We’re encouraged to work longer hours for less money. Everyone wants us to be a consumer, even at the hospital we’re a consumer rather than a patient. We’ve been conditioned to believe that there is no value in ‘free’ so we back off from volunteering, helping and doing any work that is unpaid. Time is money, why would we do something that we’re not being paid for. Low paid workers and those that work for nothing (mothers, volunteers and carers) are pushed to the edge of society. Their contribution, arguably the most valuable there is, is seen as menial and unimportant.

Is it time to take a step back and reassess what’s of real value in life?

Money can buy you a mega widescreen tv but it doesn’t buy you happiness. Happiness comes from recognising when you have enough, from giving freely, from being loved and cared for.

Time is short, what’s left after ‘work’ is minimal. In our eagerness to ‘spend it wisely’ we fail to take the time to listen and notice when those around us need help. We fail to peel back the first layer (which can often be a person behaving poorly) to uncover the real issues. If we could all just take a bit more time to understand and then help those around us we’d not only be helping someone but gaining something special ourselves. As a species we’re designed to live in communities, to help and support each other, to feel loved and supported ourselves.

To be frank, the economy is in a shit state. The monetary wealth is on a one way trip to the rich. The rat race has proved less of a race than a maze…you get to the middle and find that someone’s nabbed the prize before you. It’s time to get back to basics and find fulfilment elsewhere. It’s time to lean in to our families, our friends and our community. Lean in to self sufficiency. Lean in to creating your own income streams or micro business. Lean in to happiness and fulfillment.

Not sure what’s really important in life? The 12 Step Lifestyle Blueprint will help you discover what you should be focusing on.

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  1. Ya mon…you speak much sense sista!

    Karin x

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