Dining Aboard the Liberty of the Seas

One of my (many) preconceptions about cruising was that the food would be a bit naff. All you can eat buffets and the odd roast dinner that could be likened to a Christmas dinner at a cheap hotel.

I was wrong.

There are two ‘levels’ of dining aboard Liberty of the Seas. There are the restaurants that are included in your package and then there are various speciality dining options for which you pay a surcharge.

Let’s start with what’s included in your package;


Windjammer is an all you can eat buffet, and by coincidence it was the first place we ate. Overall it was my least favourite as it was a bit of a free for all BUT the food is very good and there’s a huge variety. I can imagine families with kids would love it as there really is something for everyone.


Sorrento’s is an authentic italian pizzeria located on the promenade. They serve hot pizza, breads, salad and antipasti all day. Pop in for a snack or a complete meal. There’s no extra charge for dining here.

Cafe Promenade

Cafe promenade, as the name suggests, is located on the promenade. They serve coffee and the kind of sandwiches and snacks as you would find in a Starbucks. These are all included in your package, or you can choose to upgrade to real Starbucks coffee which you pay extra for.

Main Dining Room

The main dining room (pictured above) is stunning with plenty of old world charm, it reminded me very much of the Titanic (although I’m not supposed to say that!). The dinner menu changes each evening and is a three course affair. I enjoyed beef fillet on one night and tandoori chicken salad on the other.

Room Service

If you don’t fancy venturing out to any of the restaurants then you can opt for room service which is included in your package (surcharge of $3.95 between midnight and 5am). I enjoyed several breakfasts on my balcony and in my stateroom

Excursion Dining

On our Haiti excursion day we were provided with a stunning open air barbecue. I say stunning as I’m still in awe that they were able to provide that level of food to 3000 passengers, right there on the beach. Massive kudos to chef Martin Scott (a proud Scot) and his kitchen team. It was no mean feat.

Our other shore day was spent in Jamaica where our authentic lunch of jerk chicken and rice and peas came with a special warning from our humourous guide Wilanna – “burns on the way in, burns on the way out, mon”. Yes, yes it did. But it was delicious and well worth the burn!

Now let’s have a look at the speciality dining options;


Portofino is an italian fine dining restaurant. The menu includes lobster, proscuitto salad, veal and filet mignon. I enjoyed the filet mignon on two seperate occasions and it was delicious. There is a surchage of $20 per person which includes anything you want from the three course menu.

Chops Grille

Chops Grille is an authentic American steakhouse. Our waiter Jacques De Kock (no joke), told us that the steak was aged for at least 21 days. I opted for the New York strip steak which was juicy and tender. The piece de resistance was most certainly my flaming creme brulee, impressive. There is a surcharge of $30 per person at Chops Grille which includes anything from the three course menu.

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets is an all American diner serving burgers, hot dogs, shakes and fries. Sit outside and enjoy the free entertainment, you can’t beat a bit of waiter dancing! The surcharge at Johnny Rockets is $5 a head and you can choose whatever you want from the menu for that.

Ben & Jerrys

There’s a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlour on the promenade where you can get all your favourite flavours. All items priced seperately.

The Cupcake Cupboard

Finally, also located on the promenade, The Cupcake Cupboard offers…you’ve guessed it, cupcakes. All cakes priced seperately.

And there we have it, your dining options aboard the Liberty of the Seas.

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  1. Ah the memories. Especially of Jaques De Kock and his excellent waitering! Fab post madame!

    Karin xx

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