Baking with Kids: Pitta Bread

After our success baking bread we decided to give pitta breads a go. We used the recipe in my Paul Hollywood How to Bake book which is turning into a baking bible for me.

Erin’s getting really into baking, so I ended up taking up a mainly supervisory role.

We mixed the ingredients; 250g strong white bread flour, 2tsp olive oil, 7g yeast, 5g salt and 160ml water.

Between us we kneaded it until it was smooth.

We left it to prove for an hour, then we folded the dough to knock the air out. Erin rolled the pittas and we baked them on a hot baking tray for 5-10mins.

Then we gave them the taste test. Erin’s feedback, “they taste just like the ones we buy, except better”. A job well done I think.

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