Getting Ready for Summer

The winters are long here in Scotland. You can feel the weather beginning to turn in October and we don’t feel any warmth until some time in March usually. Come February I’ve had enough and I start hankering after the warmer weather.
To get through February I start preparing for the summer.

1. Summer Clothes

Slowly I start re-introducing the summer clothes. The white linen trousers are moved to the front of the wardrobe and the wooly jumpers to the back. I figure if I start acting like it’s the summer then it might attract the warmer weather.

2. Eating Outside

I love eating outside, in this country you need to pretty hardy if you want to do it often. I’m all for chucking on a jumper and braving ‘mediocre’ weather. I’m going to invest in a decent barbecue grill this year, even if it’s too cold to eat outside you can nearly always cook outside. Well, unless it’s raining. I reckon there are health benefits to this too – barbecuing outside basically means grilled meat and salad, which is really good for you.

3. Kitting Erin Out

Erin has just purchased her new bike, so hopefully the summer will see many happy days riding around with her friends. Come early spring I start buying in the cheap shorts and t-shirts that will be so well worn by September that they’ll need to get chucked out. I usually get her a pair of converse and maybe some sandals. When she was little I’d get these girls’ sandals from Clarks.

4. Summer Days Out

I love taking a drive up to St Andrews or finding new places to go in the summer. In February/March I start making a list of all the places we’d like to go. When the good weather comes, the list is out and we’re off somewhere nice – before it disappears again!

5. Camping and Glamping

Last year we stayed in a wig wam and had a fab time. I hope we’ll get a chance to do something similar this year. Either way I’m definitely up for putting a tent up in the garden for the kids

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