Pretty AND Pregnant?

When I was pregnant, I was a whale. Seriously. I used too look around at all the other pregnant ladies with their little round bumps and feel a little envious. Obviously it doesn’t help that I’m short and my cankles swelled up so bad I had to wear sandals from eight months on.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being pregnant but I rarely felt pretty. Which is why part of me would like to try again, although once a whale always a whale? Is there any chance of me having one of the little cute bumps?

Since being pregnant myself (seven years ago?!) it seems like the choice in maternity clothes and underwear has really soared. I don’t recall having anything ‘specialist’ other than a nursing bra. I don’t think you can class my father in law’s t-shirts as specialist…

Yet now there are tonnes of options. Maternity wear is a niche fashion in itself. Amoralia focuses on maternity lingerie, they have lots of pretty options for maternity and nursing bras, unlike the heavyweight Marks and Spencer versions I sported. I looked like I was training for olympic shot putt rather than pregnant.

I still have my broody moments, and I do wonder if part of it is because I didn’t do some of the enjoyable pregnancy things, like buying lovely ‘bump underwear’.

If I was pregnant (what? we’re allowed to talk about it hypothetically), I would choose something like this. Not only is it totally gorgeous but it’s called ‘cupcake’. I like how it doesn’t even look like maternity underwear. Now, I really must stop talking about babies and being pregnant!

This post is brought to you by Amoralia

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