Gift Ideas for a 7 Year Old

We’ve just celebrated a seventh birthday, here were the top picks.

1. Kindle

The top pick was a Kindle, not cheap but in terms of gadget gifts that are educational you can’t go wrong with a Kindle. We opted for the basic version (currently £69) which is for reading only.

2. Slipeez

We were sent these novelty slippers from Find Me a Gift. The ears move when you step down, Erin loves them but we were both a bit disappointed when the ears stopped working. They’re still getting plenty of wear though.

3. Music CD’s

We’ve hit the age of blaring music. The current favouritese, and I know this because they’re forever on repeat, are Olly Murs and One Direction

4. Moshi Monsters

Not sure how long this craze will last but Moshi Monsters is hot at the moment. You can play in the online world for free but there are lots of add ons and branded stuff that would make a good birthday present.

5. Money

This is the first year where Erin’s received a lot of money. So far she’s been surprisingly reserved, she’s bought a second hand bike (it was cheaper than new!) and a new helmet. After the HMV fiasco I think money is a much better choice than vouchers.

6. Bike

We’ve upgraded from a bike with stabilisers to a mountain bike style. Bit overdue. It’s nice to see that bikes are still a popular choice.

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