Are We Ready For 7?

Another year, another birthday.


I used to scoff at mums who went on about how quick the years go and here I am doing the same.

Seven has arrived, and with it one direction, opinions, a bigger bed and an independence I’m trying hard to accommodate. I want her to have her own opinions and be independent, it’s a different sort of parenting I’m facing now.

The birthday celebrations kicked off early with a birthday cake courtesy of Baker Days. We ate it on the train coming back from Strictly Come Dancing Live (highly recommended).

We celebrated with a family birthday tea on Sunday followed by one for friends on the Monday. The theme was based around the kids doing missions so we had a treasure hunt, a scavenger hunt and some eating challenges. I made the hotdog spaghetti stuff, which came out really well. We finished up with a quiz. The most surprising bit being that they all new who sang ‘mama do the hump’, but nobody knew the name of the prime minister?! Nevermind, the quicker we all forget about DC, the better.

Over the weekend the long overdue upgrade from kiddy bed to proper bed took place. She’s also purchased a bike, a new helmet and some gloves with her birthday money.

I’m trying hard not to hanker after years gone by and baby cuddles. Seven is a great age, her character is coming to the fore and she’s beginning to challenge ideas. She has a strong sense of self and I’m proud of the little lady she is becoming. I’m even teaching her to iron!

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