How to Make a Squid Pencil Holder

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Crafting with your children is beneficial to both you and them. You get some great bonding time with the kids. They use their imagination, creativity, decision making skills and more!

To make crafting even more beneficial, make crafts that have a greater purpose once they are complete. For example, puppets to create plays, dress up costume for playing pretend, etc.

Today we will not only be making something with a greater purpose, but it will also be recycling some empty toilet paper rolls. You can teach the little ones that recycling is fun too!

A great skill to teach your children is organization. This will help for many years to keep their rooms, school work and closets clean!

Here’s a great craft that will get them started on being organization masters!

Squid Pencil Holder

This ocean kids craft turns empty toilet paper rolls into holders for your pencils and more. We’ve made it so we have three holders. Each just the perfect size for pencil crayons, markers and crayons.

Recommended Age: 5-9 years old
Approximate Time to Complete: 30-45 minutes
Supplies: Three empty toilet paper rolls, Paint (various colors), Paint brush, White paper, Cardboard, Scissors, Glue

Cut your empty toilet paper rolls into three sizes.

Paint each roll with a fun & bright color.

Cut out three sets of eyes, drawing pupils with a black marker. On one end of your painted toilet paper rolls cut slits all around then end. These will be your tentacles.

Add a set of eyes to each toilet paper roll.

Cut your cardboard into a square and wrap it with white paper.

Glue each of the toilet paper rolls onto your base, with the slit side down.

Now, just allow it to dry fully and fill it up with your pencil crayons, markers and crayons! You can make a few of these for holding your pens, pencils, paint brushes, etc.

For more fun and easy crafts for kids, come see what our Crafty Critters are up to!

Happy Crafting!!

Amanda & The Crafty Critters

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3 Responses to How to Make a Squid Pencil Holder

  1. Hope everyone enjoys a fun craft, and a great way to organize!

  2. Barbara says:

    My daughter made this Saturday….she loves it! 🙂

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