Why We Love our Unlimited Cinema Cards

Guest post by Alex

Erica’s note: I’ve been writing quite a bit on saving money recently. These cards have been such great value for us, great unlimited entertainment to fall back on when things are tight.

Last year, after much deliberation, I decided to shell out the princely sum of £14.99 on a Cineworld Unlimited card. I know right!? It’s hardly going to break the bank so why not just get it. Turns out it’s the single greatest investment (apart from buying a house) I’ve ever made. It’s that bloody good I got one this year for my daughter and she’s only seven!

For a self confessed movie junkie like myself it is an absolute no-brainer. Walk into cinema, hand over card, get movie ticket. Rinse & repeat. AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE! Woof!

There are also other benefits, such as Unlimited card only screenings of future movies, discount at the food stand & many other discount schemes with companies such as Starbucks. All of this is a bonus however sat next to the knowledge that in your pocket, wallet or other carrying device lies the power to waltz into your local Cineworld and gorge yourself on as many movies as your butt can take sitting through. Which is a lot!

So, to answer the question asked in the title of this post…..yes, yes it is.

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