First Theatre Experience: Dirty Dancing

I deliberated over whether to buy Erin a ticket to see Dirty Dancing in the Edinburgh Playhouse. She’s been to see a few kids things before like The Wiggles but nothing on this scale.

I’ve been a huge fan of the film for as long as I can remember and it feels as if I’ve waited an eternity to see the stage show. In a selfish way I didn’t want to take Erin and then spend half my time at the toilet.

I am SO glad that I decided to fork out the £50 and include her in our girly evening out. She loved it and I know we’ll be reminiscing for many years to come. I also think that it’s given her a great first experience of the theatre, and I hope now to take her and see a few other shows.

As for the show itself I was not disappointed. I’d heard good things and had high expectations and they were met. I’m really glad they didn’t bother with any celebrity leads, it really doesn’t need it and it would have been a distraction. The dancers and leads were excellent, and the whole show stuck fairly rigidly to the original film.

There were whoops and cheers at iconic moments – ‘I carried a watermelon’, the water spill over Johnny, the love scene and ‘nobody puts baby in a corner’. I MAY have shed a tear at that last one. Erin was waiting with baited breath to see if they’d do ‘the lift’ and she wasn’t disappointed. A fantastic night and a special experience which I’m glad to have shared.

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