Wreck It Ralph: To See or Not to See

Guest post by Alex

Last night Erin and I went to Cineworld for an advanced Unlimited Card screening of Disney’s new animation movie, Wreck-It Ralph. Now, let’s get the common misconception out of the way, this is NOT a Pixar film. Disney yes, but not Pixar. However there are a lot of Pixar traits now that John Lassiter is head honcho of Disney’s whole animation department. There was an animation short at the start called “The Paperboy” about a chance encounter at a train station that leads to new love. This was a nice addition but nothing spectacular.

The main event however, was a resounding success. Pixar have for a long time set the high benchmark in animation with Dreamworks leading the chasing pack. Not anymore because Disney are back, back, back!

The story revolves around Ralph, a character in an arcade video game called Fix it Felix. He is the bad guy who causes damage and destruction where ever he goes. But as Zangief eloquently puts it in the Bad-Anon meeting (a kind of bad guy self help group) “just because you’re bad guy doesn’t mean you’re bad guy” All he really wants is acceptance and friendship from the other characters of his game. After crashing their 30th anniversary party and quite literally “wrecking” the whole thing, they leave him in no doubt he is not wanted. Unless he wins a medal, like good guy Felix. He knows he can’t achieve this so he decides to “game jump” in order to win a medal and thus the acceptance of his game.

What follows is a well told tale of friendship, adventure & courage that rips along at such a pace that you are swept along with it. The characters are adorable and cleverly thought out, there are lots of retro game references (Sonic the Hedgehog & Street Fighter anyone?) and the script is witty & imaginative. Erin (7) sat through the whole film laughing, whooping or getting emotional and I wasn’t far behind. We both had an amazing time. In her own words “that was epic dad, so funny but smart too” Well said Erin, well said.

My dislike of 3D continues however, I didn’t think it added anything to what will, I think, become a classic to rival ANY of the top animation films.

Look out Pixar, Ralph is coming for ya!

Verdict: Take the kids. Hell, take anyone. JUST SEE THIS FILM!

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2 Responses to Wreck It Ralph: To See or Not to See

  1. Al says:

    Nice Review Alex, I loved the film but felt a little cheated from what is promised in the marketing campaign and trailers. That said, I do think it delivered as high a standard of characters, writing and animation that rivals any of the leading Animation Studios including PIXAR and Dreamworks.

  2. Alex Douglas says:

    Cheers mate, slightly annoyed I called the short paperboy instead of paperman. D’OH! 🙂

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