Have You Ever Been On a Retreat?

Last year I hesitantly agreed to accompany a friend on one. I looked at the ad and decided it wasn’t too ‘out there’, and hey it might be nice to have a bit of space to think and someone to cook for me!

I turned up nervous and not at all sure what to expect. Would there be people doing weird dancing? Would we have to chant during the yoga session? Would we all sit around in a circle crying?

There was no ‘weird dancing’. I can’t recall any chanting during yoga. And I was the one crying during circle time.

I went to the retreat fairly sure that I was ‘pretty sorted’. Throughout the weekend there was lots of talking and sharing, which was a bit unnerving at first but soon became quite cathartic. I uncovered some issues that I’ve resolved in the months since. I didn’t realise the value in just creating the space to have a good think, even if you decide to change nothing.

It’s over a year since the retreat and I look back and see that it was one of those pivotal moments in life when thought processes changed and mindsets shifted.

Would I go back to another retreat? Absolutely yes, providing there’s no weird dancing of course.


Have you been on a retreat? What was your experience?

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