Apple, Bacon & Onion Chutney

The search for Paleo recipes goes on. A paleo diet is made up of predominantly meat and vegetables and so I’ve had to extend my repertoire to make sure we have a meal every night. This recipe is based on one at We’ve served this chutney with burgers, pulled pork and cheese on toast.

Ingredients for Apple, Bacon & Onion Chutney

2 bacon rashers
2 red onions
1 apple
Balsamic vinegar
Olive Oil
Sea salt

1. Fry the bacon until crisp.

2. Slice the onions and add soften with the bacon. Use a small amount of olive oil if you need to.

3. Dice the apple into small pieces and add to the pan.

4. Pour 3 tbsp of balsamic vinegar into the pan. Cook on a very low heat until all the ingredient are soft and the balsamic has reduced and sweetened.

5. Pack the mixture tightly into a sterilised kilner or jam jar.

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