London 2012

Well October has certainly been a busy month, a trip to London and a house move.

Erin’s been doing a lot of stuff related to London at school including the Olympics and the Royal Wedding, so we decided we needed to see the sights for ourselves. We crammed a lot into our two days starting with a trip to Chinatown.

Erin was beside herself at the sight of all the roasted ducks in the windows, duck being a firm favourite of hers. We headed for Won Kei’s, a restaurant that is apparently known for its less than polite staff. It was fine though and the food was amazing.

Up early the next morning we made our way across London Bridge to the Tower of London. There was a bit of outdoor amateur dramatics going on telling historical stories which Erin loved. After a quick peek at the Crown Jewels we took a clipper boat down The Thames, not something I’d done before but a great way to travel.

At 4pm we took our places in a pod on the London Eye. Erin took tons of pictures and even in overcast weather we got a good view of the city. We grabbed dinner at Giraffe on the Southbank, it’s perfect for kids and it was happy hour on the cocktails. After dinner we did M&M world and then Hamleys, yes we were either very brave or very stupid.
On our final day we headed back to Hamleys then took a bus down Mayfair.

We both had a great time, next time we’ll grab a show and see Buckingham Palace.

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