Summer Food in Sunny Scotland

My name is Erica and I take pictures of food.

There, glad to get that out there. I’m not an amazing cook but I like my food. I’m wondering if I should have called this blog chunky mummy which would be more accurate 😉 Here’s what I’ve been cooking and eating over the Summer (my tongue firmly in my cheek when I say ‘Summer’).

Roast Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Rosemary

There aren’t many foods that are just as good in Summer as they are in Winter. Roast chicken is definitely one of those. I think this is one of my best efforts!

Pomegranate Cous Cous

Cous cous with olive oil, red wine vinegar, pomegranates, fresh mint and pine nuts. We had this with duck and pancakes, was lovely.


Make your own, it’s well worth the effort. Poppadums are the ideal summer snack as they are so light, much better than crisps and they go with all sorts of dips like tzatziki, mango chutney plus anything chilli based.

Hummous, pitta bread and pomegranates

Perfect lunch or supper. Not sure but I think this must be pretty healthy? Add some chilli oil to the top of the hummous for an extra kick.

Watermelon and goats cheese salad

Healthy and refreshing on a Summer’s day. I think I added mint and walnuts to this one but to be honest I tend to chuck in whatever I have kicking around (within reason!)

Strawberry Daquiri

What? You need something to wash it all down with. I recommend you buy the pre-prepared non-alcoholic daquiri juice available at Asda. Take one part white rum, one part creme de fraise and mix with three parts juice. Add a few ice cubes. Umbrella is optional.

Bob’s your father’s brother 😉

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